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Download Android Launchers Collection

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For those of you who usually like to change the look of your android device, must have been familiar with android launcher.
For those of you who do not know the meaning of the launcher, we will briefly describe.
Launcher is an application for Android that allows you to change the appearance of Android as a whole becomes more new or fresh.
This is one of the advantages of Android-based smartphone or tablet, you as a user is free to change the look of the base. This is due to the increasing number of Android developers, especially those focusing on this launcher. and now i will share some of android launcher collection that famous and used by many users

ADW Launcher

Some advantages of the launcher:
Having many themes ready for use. this android launchers is have much theme that is ready to apply on your android gadget
does not require a lot of resources. when we try to use this launcher, got not much change compared to when not using the launcher. mean speed and response time using the launcher is almost the same than when not using it. Note, we tried this with a mobile launcher LG Optimus ME.
Preview :

Tutorial Instal android launcher

just click the link above, after entering the market, install it as a regular application. after the download and installation is complete, press the home menu on your android. after that a pop up will appear to select the theme which will be used to be your default home android

Steel Go Launcher
you can download this launcher in this post download steel go launcher ex theme

SkyDroid UI launcher

go to the link and then select that match with your device download Skydroid UI
preview :
skydroid ui launcher download

Espier Launcher

Espier laincher also very popular today. have a lot of good themes. and it will not make your android slow
preview :
best android launcher

To download the launher above paste this irl to your browser =

read how to save apk file from google play post if you want to download it as apk file.
you can see more android launcher collection here to get more list.

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