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Download Android Game For Pet

By davis becklin on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1 comment

Today i Will Share Android Game For pet. Raising animals in the home is one fun activity for some people. Tired when feeding, bathing and treatment when ill, be paid in full to the satisfaction of seeing if your pet grow healthy, cheerful and funny. Ever thought to play iPad or Android tablet with them? Try the games on the iPad and Android following are designed to play with a cat, dog or reptile that you keep.


You VS Cats

android game for cat

Seller: Nestle
Last Update: May 4, 2012 (Android), March 28, 2012 (iOS)
File Size: 7.4 MB (Android), 4.2 MB (iOS)
Prerequisites: Android 2.2 and iPad with iOS 4.3 or later
Language: English
Price: Free
Download From Android Market


Fruit Ninja

download android game for pet

Seller: Halfbric
Last Update: August 4, 2011 (Android), December 20, 2011 (iOS)
File size: 18 MB (Android), 18.5 MB (iOS)
Prerequisites: Android 2.1 or later and the iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad with iOS 3.0 or later
Language: English
Price: Free (Android)
Download From Google Play


Ant Smasher

Seller: Best, Cool & Fun Games
Last Update: March 4, 2012
File size 8.1 MB
Prerequisites: Android 2.1 or higher
Language: English
Price: Free
Download Google Play

To download The game paste this url to your browser

Important:  Make sure your android tablet/phone has a screen Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches when your beloved animals play.
Thats for android game for pet. see you in next post

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Ahsanul Karim said...

I already played Fruit Ninja. Its awesome :)

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