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Tutorial Fix Softbrick On Xperia Via SEUS

By David Smith on Monday, September 10, 2012 1 comment

I was interested to write this How to repair softbrick on xperia phone post because i want to give a solution for those who do not know how to fix their xperia smartphone if get brick / softbricked. And I will also explain the difference between the sony ericsson update service (SEUS) with PC Companiondan. SEUS more useful to recover and restore the telephone system to the state of origin with current updates compared with PC Companion is more to handling File [File Management]. This can be seen from both the software interface.

If you do not have any idea about what is soft brick, you can read on how to fix softbrick on android smartphone post

And at this time I will also give more detailed instructions how to repair xperia smartphone via SEUS, and it is easier than using flash tool


  • Internet Connection
  • Sony Ericsson Update Service

How to Repair Soft Brick On Xperia via SEUS

  1. Download SEUS and install. to download SEUS paste this url to your browser
    how to use seus
  2. Open the SEUS and wait until the update process is to update vis seus
  3. Choose a phone that match with yours [for this time I chose xperia x8]fix xperia use seus
  4. turn off your phone and wait for a moment [for those who have "stuck" in the logo needs to unplug and reinsert the phone battery]
  5. 5-connect your phone by pressing the back button and connect the usb.tutorial use seus
  6. You will get the message appears to continue or not. at this stage is a lot of people are fooled and continue to be fooled, why? you can see in the image below.tutorial fix softbrick on xperia phone

at this stage SEUS will tell us if your phone have had the latest update and software. to remember our purpose to use SEUS to repair your phone not to update the phone. the most is important is the next statement that "if you experiencing problems with your product we recommend that you reinstall the software"

what we need to do is to continue the process by pressing the install button on the bottom and wait so the download and install is complete. speed of this process depends on your internet connection. and after finish you need to reboot your phone as usual and for the first time might take a long time.

need to be reminded after the completion of this process your Xperia smartphones will get back to first state just as the early you purchase it. and if you have been root and install xrecovery it will lost those two and you need to install it from the beginning.

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1 komentar:

jarne renders said...

Thanks, your tutorial fixed my phone.
But I still have a question.
The reason my phone got softbricked is because I tried to restore a backup with xRecovery.
And I was wondering if I should try to restore the same backup in case it may work this time?
So that I don't lose all my contacts.
Thanks in advance.


A phone noob.

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