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How To Change Boot Animation On Galaxy Ace

By davis becklin on Friday, September 21, 2012 1 comment

Hi every one. For Samsung Galaxy Ace user that bored with the look of your boot animation and want to change the animation you are in the right place :D, because today i will share some cool animation that maybe you will love it. Boot animation is an animation that usually shown when you turn on android smartphone or after restart and appear after the android logo. you can customize the animation. it is easy to do, So please follow the tutorial change boot animation on galacy ace below.

  • Have Root acces. to do this tutorial you must have root acces to your galaxy ace. because you must have acces to change the system file on your android phone. see How to Root Galaxt Ace
  • Download Root Manager (need root acces)
  • Download HVGA boot animation (Pleas note: Only use HVGA. Higher resolution one will not work)
  • To Download the needed file paste this url to your browser (

You can Choose want of custom boot animation that i share below

Android Particle Ring by Dysgenic

The Droids series by Dysgenic:

change galaxy ace bootanimation

Download more boot animation at and please Make sure that the animation is in HVGA format.

Tutorial Change Galaxy Ace Boot Animation

Method 1

  1. Connect your Galaxy Ace to your PC or laptop via USB and make your SD card for file transfer.
  2. Copy the animation file that you want to make as your animation, then change the name to "", then place to your SD card.
  3. Unmount your SD card from computer and launch a file manager (you can use root explorer) on your phone.
  4. Then Browse to /system/media using Root Explorer, copy your existing file from there and paste it to somewhere place that safe on your SD card as a backup(if you want to use the default animation again).
  5. Browse to the location on the SD card where you place the new that you have downloaded before and paste it to /system/media.

Method 2: Via ADB

  1. First You Must Install android debug bridge
    Then Enable USB debugging on your phone from Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. Then Connect your device to your PC or Laptop via USB.
  3. Launch a terminal or command prompt window on your computer.
  4. Then Navigate to the location on your hard disk drive where you save the
  5. Enter these commands:
    adb pull /system/media/ c:\
    adb remount
    adb push /system/media/
    if still confused see the complete adb tutorial from xda-developers
whether you choose the first method or second method now you should have successfully change boot animation on Galaxy ace. Then restart your device and you will see the animation shown during the boot
congratulations. you can ask me if you need any further assistant or share which is the favorite bootanimation on comment area below.

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