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Tutorial Edit Apk File Android

By davis becklin on Saturday, September 29, 2012 0 comments

Want to edit your apk file? because you want to try to customize it? you are in the right place. Android is an OS that gives you the freedom to be creative, if you want to learn or edit existing apk with the purpose of learning, now i will give you the tools and how to edit apk file. The tools that we are going to use is called maxi Edit APK

Maxi Edit APK

how to edit apk file

For those of you who want to dismantle the existing apk file, we provide the tools to dismantle the existing apk (decompile apk), and also will put back into the apk that is ready to use (compile apk) after automatic sign, so you do not hassle anymore to compile a apk.

MaxiEditAPK is a development from Apktools of which can be found here

Besides these tools also disassemble and reassemble classes.dex (java) so that you can freely edit the existing applications and create appropriate imagination without don't need to bother anymore.

Please note:
1. In editing process, you should ask permission from developer

2. This Tools was created with the purpose of learning or creating further towards a nicer (debug existing applications and then refine it)

3. please appreaciate the works and creations from developers that have been there for the making because requires time, energy and imagination.

4. Use it positively and wisely

5. This Tools is the development of APKTOOLS (source)

Please note before applying:
1.JRE can be downloaded here


How to edit android apk file:

  1. Download and extract maxiedit.rar file (10.1MB)
  2. prepare thefiles / folders that you want to edit, copy to a the same folder with the application maxiedit.
  3. choose one according to your will
  4. open notepad + + to either manually edit the xml or smali
  5. for edit DNG file strange extension, please search on google how to edit
  6. Finsih

And i also have alternatif for you to edit apk file. this tools created by developers from xda-developers just choose which one according to your favorite

download xda auto tools

This is the instruction:
1. Download and extract XDAAutoTools.rar file (10.1MB)
2. After XDAAutoTools it open the folder and find the folder named "RES"
3. Click the file named AAA_register_ocx
4. Open XDAAutoTools and ready for use

OR Go to the Sources to get more detailed explanation.

To Download All The Files paste this url to your browser

Ok happy creation, and make your own apk creation :)

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