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How To Install Google Now on Android ICS Device

By davis becklin on Sunday, October 21, 2012 0 comments

Google Now is one of the smart features provided by Google in Android Jelly Bean. Google Now feature is designed to study and memorize the location and characteristics of a search on Google Search that often you do. By looking at the data search history, calendar and location on your phone, then Google Now able to make a search on Google Search more relevant.
how to install google now on ics

So far Google is Now available for Android Jelly Bean, but that does not mean you can not install it on another Ice Cream sandwich Android device. Please follow these steps to be able to enjoy all the features and install Google Now in ICS Andorid devices.


  • WARNING: Make sure the device that you use to install Google Now has been running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Do not try if you do not run Android ICS.
  • To download all the needed file go here ( password : )

Tutorial Install Google Now On Ice Cream Sandwich Phone

  1. Using a root file explorer, navigate to / system / app and locate the file called GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk. change to GoogleQuickSearchBox.bak. thing is used to anticipate things that are not desirable, so that later you can restore from the original file.
  2. Download Velvet-theos0o-5.apk then rename it to GoogleQuickSearch.apk
  3. Then put the file in the folder / system / app. And change permissions to rw-rr.
  4. Restart the device
  5. Now, if do not have please download Voice Search from Google Now.
  6. Step 6: Try running the application and hold the search button. This application will use the built-in voice to text engine Ice Cream Sandwich hers to seek answers from the commands you give.

After you have successfully install it. you can read How to configure Google Now for more instruction how to use it.

Good luck!
I hope This tutorial will help you to install google Now

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