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Install WhatsApp PLUS (Holo) On Android Smartphone

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whatsapp is a good cross platform messaging application. All of android smartphone users must have been familiar with this messaging application. How To use whatsapp it is very easy, you just need some step to activate this apps. this apps is using phone numbers to mark users and send messages

Application Name: WhatsApp PLUS (holo)
Modded by: rafalense
Application Security: 100% Safe - No Viruses.
how to install whatsapp

Whats App Description

WhatsApp PLUS (Holo) apps is not an official application WhatsApp Inc.. but it is a modification of an xda developer. All of the features in the WhatsApp PLUS (Holo) is exactly the same as WhatsApp Official. The difference lies only in the display / user interface. WhatsApp PLUS Holo more emoticons, listing more interesting chat, theming support, more flexible display configurations, and certainly more comfortable on the eyes.
For more details about the features WhatsApp, you can visit the site
Display Preview / Screenshot
Click here to Preview .

Download WhatsApp PLUS (holo)

  • APK:
    to Download go here ( password : )

How to Install WhatsApp PLUS (Holo)

  1. Open the app WhatsApp official (if previously installed WhatsApp, if not directly to step number 4)
  2. Go to the Settings menu >> preferences >> touch Chat history backup. Once the backup is complete, exit the app WhatsApp.
  3. Uninstall / remove app WhatsApp
  4. Install app WhatsAppPLUS-xxx.apk or WhatsAppPLUSxxHoLo-xxx.apk through the File Manager.
  5. As usual, open the app WhatsApp, touch Agree and continue, enter the mobile number and when there is demand for backup restore history select Yes.
  6. Completed.

Here is a video that shows new whatsapp version

Now you can enjoy your new whatsapp plus holo on your android smartphone, if you like this don;t forget to share it to your friends.

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