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Google Maps Offline For Android How to create offline custom maps

By davis becklin on Thursday, December 20, 2012 0 comments

If you are want to install and use google maps on your android device without need internet connection read this article about how to install google maps offline on android device. Android is an evolving system, and with it also many native applications that characterize it. In particular, perhaps one of the main applications, installed almost all Android smartphones, has Google Maps that allows easy and immediate research and consultation, as well as detailed maps also performs the function of practice SatNav. Unfortunately one of the biggest short comings of Google Maps, is the continuing need connection or internet to the network, for any type of operation.

Google Maps Offline On Android Device

However in the latest versions of google maps for android has been trying to change in this regard allowing users to download small areas of areas of interest for offline consultation. The radius of the downloadable area is about 10 x 10 miles, but if you had intended to refer to a wider area, such as an entire city or even a country as a whole it would be complicated.
how to install google maps offline

So to solve this problem we want to explain How to create your own maps, and consult them offline via a special program, on your preferred smartphone or tablet.


  • Rmap : application for custom maps in sulitedb format.
  • Mobile Atlas Creator | application to be installed on the PC that will allow you to download and create your maps
  • To download the two files paste the following url to your browser password :

How To install Google Maps offline

  1. First install rmap on your smartphone, Tablet and run it, this will create the folder within your sd card where you can upload maps saved. The default directory is/sdcard/rmaps/maps
  2. Extract Mobile Atlas Creator on your PC
  3. You will be asked which type of format, select generate Rmaps Sqlitedb
  4. Now first select the type of database to which you want to create your custom map. There are several, with different covers, or with specific information, such as charts or means of transport. I personally recommend you select OpenStreetMap MapLink , which provides excellent coverage of the whole of Europe. In fact in previous versions of the program it was possible to draw from many more sources (including Google Maps and Bing), but after a series of complaints from various providers of such services, the developer has decided to limit the download of the map solely to OpenSource sources.
  5. Now all you have to do is draw a rectangle on the map which will highlight the area of interest, which will later be unloaded.
  6. Select under "Zoom Levels" the different zoom levels (usually all).
  7. Then enter a name in the appropriate field, and click "Add selection", making this the selected map portion will be added to those available for download. To proceed with the download you can just press the button "Create Atlas", and wait until the transaction completes.
  8. Now all you have to do is copy the file created in the folder /rmaps/maps on your SD card.
  9. Restart the program and menu Rmaps go into settings-> User defined maps , and select the custom map, at this point abilitatene consultation by checking the box "Enabled Map" .

Or maybe you can also use android navigation apps to access maps from android : tutorial install gps navigator app for android

And finally now You will see your custom map offline on your android device. Ok thats it for my explanation about install google maps offine. I hope you can now use map without need to connect to the internet.

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