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Tutorial Install latest Clockworkmod Recovery On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

By davis becklin on Friday, December 28, 2012 0 comments

If you have a samsung galaxy note 2 and love modding on your android system surely you must have installed cwm recovery, Then surely you will be looking for tutorial that i listed on the following guides on this article such as install clockworkmod recovery on galaxy note 2 and also procedure to get root or supser user acce. I found all this guides in forum xda developers where in the section that dedicated to the new Galaxy 2 Note, there really is a lot of material to read and maybe the best practices for modding your Note 2. in this guide we will using latest cwm version it is called CWM Recovery
install cwm6 on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

ROOT process and installing ClockWorkMod Recovery

After you have Root acces on your phone you can install applications that require special permissions to run and also to change certain parameters and system files. The ClockWorkMod Recovery, on the other hand, allows you to install custom rom and other modified files on your device.

Install CWM V6 On Galaxy Note 2


  • Odin PC
  • Triangle Away
  • CF Root (version 6.0.15 of October 14, 2012)
  • To download the file above paste this url to browser pass:

First Step: ODIN PC =
  1. launch ODIN PC and, under PDA, insert the file CWM6.TAR.
  2. don't change the configuration on odin(don't tick anything), but leave Odin as it appears at startup
  3. restart the notes in download mode (volume down + home + power) and give consent to the prosecution by pressing vol. on. Connect your Notes to your PC with the usb cable
  4. start on Odin PC with START button, after the installation process finish you have finished install cwm v6 on galacy note 2
  5. Then to root galaxy note 2, you just need do the same step as i mentioned before on step 1, but you choose the CF root file
  6. Click Start, after finish you will successfully have clockworkmod recovery and root on your phone

SECOND Step – TRIANGLE AWAY to reset counter
Install Triangle Away and reset the counter
When you restart your Note 2, you will have all permissions of root, the recovery changed to modding and counter binary beeome zero. To know more about binary counter you can read on reset binary counter on galaxy note 2

After all complete you should perform a wipe cache from cwm in case to make sure everything is work fine, and to avoid error.

If you have already proceeded to the root of your phone and you have an older version of CWM Recovery, you can update the CWM itself simply by installing the zip file from recovery. If the appear exclamation mark on your phone you can use Triangle Away again to reset it.

Below we will show you video tutorial install cwm and root process made by Veindroid Team

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