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Tutorial Install Cyanogenmod 10.1 For Nexus 7 With Picture

By davis becklin on Friday, February 1, 2013 0 comments

The first M builds of the CyanogenMod 10.1 available for different devices. Here you can read the gide for install it on nexus 7. These are more stable than the typical nightlies, but not so frequently updated. Who is on the lookout for a good compromise between stability and freshness, you can try this custom rom.

Then on this post, you can get tutorial installation for cm 10 on nexus 7 or a different version of CyanogenMod on your nexus 7, we will explain here. Also not so hard because nexus 7 toolkits will help, and if you stuck somewhere, the Toolkit will help also. The manual is on a set back nexus 7 32 GB WiFi with Android 4.2.1, so as you it also gets, if your now one ordered.

Read First
Important: During such manipulations can go always something wrong and the device can be damaged. These are usually fixable. Follow the instructions only if you you are sure that you can answer that. You act at your own risk!

What is required ?

The first thing you should download nexus 7 Toolkit in the XDA Dveloper Forum. Although not necessarily required to install CM 10.1, but it is the best for beginners of the procedure. Next, you need of course the appropriate version of CyanogenMod 10.1 (nexus 7 WiFi).

If your device just want to install programs, also download the Google Apps package. In addition, USB debugging must be enabled on the nexus 7. Is this in the settings → about the Tablet → taps here 7 times on the build number. Then the developer options are enabled and you can turn on USB debugging.


Tutorial Install CM 10.1 On Nexus 7

1. Install Nexus 7 PC drivers

You have installed the nexus 7 Toolkit and started, appearing a query whether updates should be searched for first. The free version of the Toolkit you can skip your this, updates work only if you have donated for the program. Now you need to select your device, in this case, it was number 4 (WiFi only, Android 4.2.1).

Before you continue you should install the nexus 7 drivers. Also if you have them already on the PC, but do not know it makes nothing. Double holds better, so eyes and through. Can occur during installation error messages, which may be safely ignored.
install cyanogenmod 10 on nexus 7

2. Unlock Nexus 7 Bootloader
The next step is the bootloader unlock. This is required for the installation of CyanogenMod. The toolkit does this automatically if you choose menu item 3.

3. Flash CM 10.1 and Google apps on nexus 7
In the next step, we push CM 10.1 and Google apps on the nexus 7. The toolkit does this under menu item 13. Previously, the files must be moved into the appropriate directory (folder put_files_to_push_here). On the question whether one already uses an "insecure boot image", responds to with no.

Having to enter not the complete file name, it is sufficient "cm-10.1 *" to tap. The complete command is displayed and move the file to the device. This may take some time. Repeating the same step, to bring the Google Apps package to the device. In this case it is sufficient "gapps *" type. On the question of whether you want to change the file permissions, no answers you can also with. As the destination folder "/ sdcard /" is specified. From there, the files are then flashed.
nexus 7 toolkit install process

4. Installation
Now it's almost done, CyanogenMod 10.1 has to be installed only. From the main menu of the nexus 7 Toolkit, you can now choose Flash recovery, menu option 6. Then, you have the choice whether you want to use your Clockworkmod or TWRP. Clockworkmod was the choice in this case. The device boots into the fastboot mode and reflashing Clockworkmod. When this process is completed, you can choose the recovery mode directly from the fastboot. Everything worked, you'll see the options now.

First will be cleaned up, so choose your "wipe data/factory reset". After the short procedure, it then goes to the nexys step. Select "install zip from sdcard" and then "choose zip from sdcard". If you now select the folder "0", CyanogenMod, as well as Google Apps files listed. Selects CM 10.1 and confirms this on the next page. Following, you once again performs the same steps for Google apps.

installation cm10 process on nexus 7

From the main menu you select then "reboot system now". You should be greeted by a CyanogenMod logo. The first boat from CyanogenMod takes slightly longer, the start time will be reduced next time. After entering the Google account information and Wi-Fi password, you have CyanogenMod with all its advantages on the nexus 7.

In the settings, you can set when the system should check for the updates. An update is available, it can be installed directly OTA. The intricate steps of the initial installation is therefore completely. After a short first test, falls on that CyanogenMod 10.1 rotates faster than stock Android 4.2.1 and still tidier acts as the stock system by Google. Read some good tips for cm rom go here, cyanogenmod tips and tricks

Who is satisfied by the way but not with CyanogenMod 10.1 and wants to get back on the original system, this may 7 toolkit do also with the nexus. Via 1-click solution, the right image is downloaded and installed.

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