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How to Sync Android Contacts to Gmail With Easy Contact Sync

By Unknown on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 0 comments

The synchronization and integration of services is one of the strengths of Android device if compared to his rivals. Any android application can used or combined with almost any other application or native service. Applications like Carbon Backup or Titanium Backup make use of backup copies of our device. But, what happens if what we want to synchronize are the contacts? in this case, in addition to the native option to Google (syncronize with Gmail), Don't worry, now you just can give thanks to a member of XDA developers, because they have invented Easy Contact Sync app.

The native Android sync is a wonder; just enter our account on our device and voila! We have all our contacts synchronized and accessible from Gmail. Thus whenever we introduce ourselves in a new device, have our contacts there of form automagica. The problem is when we don't have our available Google account available(because we do not have internet connection at that moment or because we have lost the password); then the thing can be very ugly if we have no care earlier.
how to sync gmail contact to android

That is why an application like Easy Contact Sync is so useful. This application allows us to export and synchronize our contacts both in the cloud (Google, Dropbox, or other service) as in our own microSD card. It is true that we can always do it manually, but this is rather complex and often divides us each contact in several (one for email, one for each phone)

how to use easy contact sync

Easy Contact Sync is very useful for exporting our contacts in sd Card format (compatible with Outlook) and save them on our microSD or upload them to the preferred storage service, as we choose. If you ever need to restore your contacts simply tell Easy Sync Contact and the app will do the job so we can enjoy our contacts in new list.

Thats for my tips how to syncronize your android contact to your gmail contact with easy contact sync. Or you can read my previous article that also discussed about gmail account sync.
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