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Android 4.3 jelly bean New Features officially Released

By davis becklin on Monday, August 12, 2013 0 comments

At today's breakfast event Google has officially launched as expected the latest Android OS version with the version 4.3. It is still a part of jelly bean and not to lime pie key. It is also not a huge update with a whole bunch of new features. Android 4.3 represents only a slight upgrade and brings only a few new features, which we would now closer look at.

list of android 4.3 new features

Better performance

Google has mounted again in the latest version of the OS on the performance. Both the overall speed of the system as also the apps has been optimized further and has improved markedly. This was achieved the developers, inter alia through the optimization of drawing sequence of graphic elements, a better multithreading, and reducing delays in registering touch input. In addition also the audio latency, reduced as previously expected.

OpenGL it 3.0 for high-performance graphics

Finally, it was the new graphic interface for OpenGL 3.0 for high-performance graphics introduced. They can compare performance technically about DirectX 11 on Windows. If this is time not open door for better Android OS games?

Bluetooth smart or low energy

Google smart introduces the new mode of Bluetooth, some possibly as Bluetooth low energy could know. This significantly reduces the energy consumption of the Bluetooth module with active connection.

Restricted profiles

The new restricted profiles allow to determine the owner of tablets, what rights do the users of his tablets. Multiple users are set up on the Tablet so the owner can determine, for example, exactly what apps can be launched. It even goes so far, that you can determine what level in a game can be started and which are not. Really handy as we find!

Improved location via Wi-Fi scan-only mode

The Wi-Fi scan-only function makes it possible to determine the position of the device often more accurately and clearly stromsparender as via GPS. It scans the device the environment for available Wi-Fi networks out and determined in the position. A connection to the networks not produced naturally, it is only scanned. So Wi-Fi remains permanently switched on it unless the user turns off this feature in the settings.

Multimedia DRM

The new DRM framework allows developers of Android OS apps it simple and straightforward to integrate DRM (digital rights management) in their streaming protocols. So, for example, selected users, that it also paid, in better quality stream.

App development

With a permission granted by the user apps on Android 4.3 can 'observe the flow of the notification' and display in different ways or represent. Notifications can be distributed even to a connected Bluetooth device.
How to find the new Android 4.3? In the following video you can see still a short comparison between 4.3 and 4.2.2 you:

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