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What is custom ROM on android

By Sri Utami on Saturday, April 28, 2012 0 comments

Hi Every Body meet with me again here in Tutorial for android. do you know about android Mod? Android Mod is another name from Custom ROM Android is a file system of firmware for devices such as cell phones / mobile phones or tablet pc, which is based Android from operating system which is modified and customized as you wish (Custom Developer), by changing the original-official firmware (Stock ROM) device is the default vendor
what is custom rom android?
Custom Rom making purpose is to change or improve the feature of firmware from Android devices so that can improve your android phone's reliability and performance, performance in excess of what is already offered by its original firmware. Capability or ability that can be improved features is: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, Audio, Display, Reboot, Rooted, Network, 3G Modem, Easy Install Application-apps (. Apk) and others, even the Clock Over the Android processor!

What is Custom ROM?

ROM - Read Only Memory is a data storage (file system in this discussion) in the form of IC-Chip. So in general Custom Custom ROM or ROM can be interpreted in the form of a file system software, firmware (size / capacity in a kilobyte, megabyte) is located in ROM IC device (IC BIOS functions such as the Computer-arrange all the peripherals on the mainboard with the Kernel the main access) which is then modified so that more can be anything as you wish, of course, still based on the original firmware version / Stock ROM of the output device manufacturer or vendor. Technically Stock ROM file system in the taken-download by Custom Developer (third party) to modify them as you wish, then planted again keperangkat keperangkat or other support-match (one of them by flashing method).

The Advantages of Custom ROM Android:
  • There are many options to choose from Custom ROM for Android devices that can be downloaded for free. The type and range of Custom ROM sample was as follows: CyanogenMod, MIUI 2.3.3, FolioMod, Darky's Extreme Edition, ROM Kitchen, GingerReal, Turbo Ginger, GingerCriskelo, DebusROM, Juwe's Smart Edition, Serendipity, Ultimate, Tiramisu, 7Linux ROM, Simple Honey, JVP F1 Mod, hawkish 2, Thunder, Laila's ROM, Insanity, c0llal0-rel0ad3d, Filetrap TwoNights, Apanda ROM China (review Apanda), Foxconn Official ROM 2.2, Andro-ID apem ROM v1.0 (Indonesia), Android Bakpia 2.2.0 Nexian Journey (Indonesia) and others.
  • Latest version of the Custom ROM is updated frequently by each custom developer and later released as soon as it markets Android device.
  • Full support by the developers and contributors in the Forum Custom ROM related.
  • Performance improvement and optimization of the device, where the user or the user more leverage using their Android devices.
  • Maximize the use of an external SD memory card as a place to store application-apps. Usually for old mobile phones, which still has a small internal memory.
  • Some ROM-Custom firmware offers features that reduce battery waste. So the battery charge can be more economical.
  • There are several features that offer Custom ROM Over Clocking integrated, so that the access device applications more quickly.
  • Possibility for the root user or user-Rooted access to the device and makes it easier to install applications without Android Market (sideload apps-aftermarket).
fot more about custom ROM, and another android tutorial and how to custom Rom stay update in this blog.. see you next time :')

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