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How to easily scan QR code on android phone

By davis becklin on Thursday, April 11, 2013 0 comments

Now they're everywhere: in magazines, on business cards, product packaging, and much more. I refer to QR codes, those special square bar codes scanned if the camera of a mobile phone Web pages give access to, personal information and other types of multimedia content online. I bet you have heard often, and then tell me how come you haven't tried to "translate" one with your smartphone? You don't know how to do it? Then remedied immediately.

Scan Qr Code On Android Phone

Follow the directions on How to scan a QR I am going to give you and I promise that you will learn in less than no time to use the QR code to display links, information, etc. hidden in paper journals, on the packaging of foodstuffs and on business cards visit more technological. Basically, all you need to do is install the right app for your smartphone and immortalize the QR code to be translated. Let's see now how to do it!
how to scan qr code on android

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If you want to learn How to scan a QR and use an iPhone, I suggest you open the App Store and download QR Reader for iPhone, one of the best free app QR codes that allows not only to scan the QR code that exist but also to create new ones, share them online and export the scans performed in CSV format.

It is very simple, because the camera all the latest iPhone models allow extremely rapid recognition of QR codes. Just start the application, frame your QR code from a few inches away while holding the phone in portrait orientation (so that occupies the central part of the screen) and wait for the "translation". In the case of links to online content, these start with an internal browser to QRReader for iPhone without leaving the app.
apps to scan qr code
If instead you use a smartphone Android, no doubt about it. If you want to frame a QRwithout having the slightest problem you need to use the free application QR Droid that allows not only to quickly read QR codes, but also to create new ones (e.g. with your own business card) and keep a history of all QR code scanned. Is also compatible with mobile phones cheaper, but of course the camera quality is essential in order for the app to play properly. Just to be clear, a smartphone equipped with an autofocus camera can scan QR code much quicker than a phone without this technology.
scan qr code to display link
To scan a QR code QR with Droid, you don't have to do is launch the app and follow theon-screen instructions (in Italian). The software will guide you to the correct frame the QR code suggesting not to hold the phone too near the surface, keep the steady hand, etc.. In essence, what you have to do is place your smartphone, go to a few centimetres from the QR code and place it centered in the scene for a few seconds.
When the scan is complete, you will be asked if you'd like a direct link or the information found, or if you want to first analyze. All very simple and intuitive. In addition, goingHistory tab of the app you will be able to browse all scanned with QR codes Droid: very handy if you forgot some information scanned with your application and want to retrieve it quickly.

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