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Improve the audio quality on Smartphones with ACID Audio Engine [DOWNLOAD]

By davis becklin on Saturday, April 20, 2013 0 comments

The 2012 has been a great year for Android marked by numerous accomplishments and new technologies offered by Smartphone. One of the many was Beats Audio, technology brought about its smartphone by HTC thanks to an agreement reached with Dr. Dre, rapper and West Coast producer and developer of this new technology.

In a few months some developers at XDA have managed to extrapolate this technology by HTC smartphone and have made it available for all smartphones (we talked about here). Thanks to this port it was discovered that this new technology was nothing more than a particular and optimized equalizer that improves "miraculous" audio device.
install acid audio engine

ACID Audio Engine

For many users Beats Audio represents the highest quality, but they are wrong. A group of powerful developers, the AC Team!(D), has developed a new Audio Engine improves the audio quality of our Android device. This is not a single technology, such as for Beats Audio, but many, extracted from numerous terminals, and merged into a single pack.
It is mostly extracted from the smartphone technology, such as the Sony Bravia Engine and the Xloud Engine, which boasts an enviable quality audio more than by all other producers. It has also been optimized and upgraded Beats Audio, which now offers a better effect than the "original" version.
Wanting to make a small summary, here are the salient features:
  • Deeper and defined
  • More natural voices with a better balance of the equalizer
  • Best performance of instruments


At the moment there are two versions of this new Audio Engine: one is optimized for Samsung devices, while the other is a universal version that is compatible with almost all of the device.
Universal Version | Samsung Version | XDA Thread
source : how to use acid audio engine
The installation goes through Recovery and, as recommended to the same developers, it is advisable to make a Backup before you start and maintain the Wipe of Cache after installation. This avoids bootloop caused by problems of incompatibility.
Sound and lovers of good music, ready to improve the audio quality of your device?

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