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Review LG Google Nexus 4 Full with video

By davis becklin on Saturday, April 20, 2013 0 comments

Today we'll give your review about the new masterpiece by Google and LG — the Nexus 4, but today we will have the opportunity to see firsthand how your device behaves.
Thanks to this comprehensive review would see the operation in all circumstances, because as you will see, will be the classic steps that each of us does, using your smartphone on a daily basis.

complete review lg nexus 4

In this video you will also be able to appreciate the aesthetics of the Nexus, which remember has a very special design given the fact that we have both front rear glass.
The peculiarity is linked right in the latter part, it shows a drawing against the light, the quaule is unique and consists of many small panes.
Let us not forget, even the famous technical specifications that make the device a top of the range, because we remember the SoC that the soul is a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad core with a frequency per core equal to 1.5 Ghz.

We also have an excellent multitasking, thanks to RAM that amounts to 2 Gb, allowing you to have a lot of applications in the background and use them at a crazy speed without even a minimal slowdown.

Apparently it's been stressed also the battery which allowed a really impressive coming even to touch the threshold of two days, but this is the result of optimization performed by Google, that allows you to have on your smartphone, the latest update of Android — version 4.2.2.
Another peculiarity will find in using the camera application that has a unique feature: Photosphere that will allow us to take pictures at 360 degrees and see in real time a really amazing thing.
As for the videos we have the ability to capture 1080 p frame and below you have an example to figure out how to turn the video device:

Now though just words, we leave you to complete videoreview will clarify all your past doubts and uncertainty about this beautiful and excellent device, enjoy:

Let us know what you think by commenting on the article, but especially if you have questions about we are completely at your disposal.

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