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The Easiest Way for Android Battery Saving Tips

By Unknown on Sunday, May 6, 2012 0 comments

heloo.. meet with me again, still with me david chow in tutorial for android
at this time i want to share tutorial android battery saving tips
One of the problems often encountered by users android is "The batteries run out quickly", is it right?

it Can't be denied if android phone who is now in the top competition in the OS has the disadvantage that quickly run out of the battery, our android phone can only survive a maximum of 1 day (it's also just made for texting), especially if you use for the Internet, play HD games, watch video , listen to music, downloads, etc.. in fact only 4-6 hours of battery life from the android can survive. therefore i want to give a few tips for all android users

this is the tips for saving battery :

android battery saving tips

  1. Brightness is set to below 10%, is it so dark?? (dark indeed, but only at the beginning, we felt it looks dark because we are not accustomed to seeing our android screen with minimal antecedent enlightenment, after some time you will also be used, after all, in my opinion it is the most effect in the android battery drain.

  2. Then that makes bateray wasteful is internet service. Although we do not use it directly, but there are some applications that are running the internet service on android but we're not use it, and therefore for some Android users who still lay claim to when buying a new android their pulse ballance run out quickly, for those of you who do not use the unlimited package better off the internet when not in use, but how??? enter settings> wireless and network> mobile network> turn off the word "use a data package". Easy isn't it?? if you want more easily pake watchdog 3G applications, applications that can help us to regulate how much quota that must be removed weekly or monthly and we can see our android internet usage there, so download the application here : 3G Watchdog :D

  3. Another reason that makes the batteries run out quickly android applications that are running in the background, why? yes of course be because the android has multitasking, multitasking? what is that? multitasking could mean an electronic device capable of running multiple applications within the same time. if the android even though we have shut down the application page. Could have an application that is still way behind the scenes without us knowing it.
    Continue how I fix this?? There are 2 ways to fix this, first we must return to the home screen> home keys after that sign long-> click on the task management> applications that look well later on, or not at all close, select ram> delete memory.  later application will be closed. But there is a little short when we use the manual page.
    What is the shortcomings ? For all of you who use the launcher must already know, because when we remove the ram launcher we use will automatically be closed and will return to the launcher that we set as the default. The way the second is to use the advance task killer app. Its function is to turn off applications that run behind the scenes automatically, first download the application here: Advance task killer. If you've downloaded the application open and then go to settings, check your autostart list and show notification, then go to auto kill level> select crazy, then go to auto kill frequency> select when screen off.

  4. Download juice defender, download here: Juice defender. the function is to regulate the Internet network, max and min processor, etc. so that our android battery more efficient.

  5. Use the launcher in addition to the default launcher, why? yes because according to my analysis,  other launcher if compared to the default launcher is smoother and lighter than the default launcher so that it can save more baetrai. you can download on the market or wait for the next post I will make a cool launcher review for android phone, so wait first ..: D
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Yes already this hour of my first tips for android battery saving, i'm hungry want to eat first(haha), then will I go again, if anyone who has any other tips for saving battery life on the android should really share here ..

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