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Nexus Tablet Will Releas On July 2012

By davis becklin on Sunday, May 27, 2012 0 comments

For some time rumors spread that Google is also planning to bring out Android tablet, a reference model. And now it will probably soon be the extent that Google Nexus Tablet will come in July. decisively been the first 600 000 Nexus Tablet are on their way to the dealers. The Nexus tablet is to be produced by ASUS.

The cost of The Nexus Tablet 7 inch screen and built based on the NVIDIA Tegra third is only targeted with retail price only U.S. $ 199.00. the Nexus Tablet finally would be a real Apple iPad competitor. In Germany, could the Quad-Core Nexus Tablet appear for EUR 199.00. A real competitive price!

A possible release date of the Nexus tablet could be the Google I / O conference in late June, shortly after that could the Android tablet coming in to trade it for now. So you would still be on schedule, a release of the Nexus tablet had been targeted for the first half of 2012.


Of course, then probably will release the Nexus Tablet Android 5.0, will not running Android aka Jelly Bean for this preiode time. however, Google Operating System will then run on the tablet, the newest version of Android is. This could probably be Android 4.1.

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