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Tablet surface, Chameleon for Android in a hands-on (video)

By davis becklin on Monday, May 28, 2012 0 comments

Have you ever heard of "Chameleon" is? "Chameleon" is an interface for Android Tablets. It is not yet ripe for the market launch, but the developers need a little capital, U.S. $ 50,000, which just about a litle is collected. But now it has a large following.
No wonder, since "Chameleon" is produced more. And it promises so some things that were on display have not yet on a tablet. Already, the surface is liquid, and promises a completely new user experience.

Canadian design firm Teknision recently announced Chameleon, which promises to be an interesting twist on Android tablet home screens. Besides having streamlined, resizeable widgets that span a bunch of third-party apps like Netflix, Twitter. Spotify, Flickr, and others, Chameleon's signature trait is its ability to automatically change modes based on its surroundings -- hence the name. By setting up certain rules, you can set up Chameleon to shift to a different home screen layout depending on the time of day, GPS location, or which Wi-Fi network you're connected to. In short, it's a smarter version of "scenes" that you might find in various manufacturer UIs.

Chameleon is due out this August, and Teknision is using Kickstarter predominantly to handle preorders and speed up the release. Right now, they're at $31k out of a $50k goal, which is due in 20 days. You can pitch in $5 to get Chameleon before it goes public, and if you're really jazzed about the project, you can help out by providing Android tablet diagnostic information to ensure compatibility.


Even a time-driven interface design is possible with "Chameleon". That means you could be up in the morning at a certain time to view the messages, and then turns the "Chameleon" interface in the working mode, and the surface is quite different, as will be shown work e-mails, and appointments.

One can say that "Chameleon" has created an interesting interface for Android and one can only hope that one day this will be available.

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