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Download Antivirus for android : Norton Mobile Security Lite

By davis becklin on Sunday, June 3, 2012 0 comments

Norton has recently released an antivirus for android called Norton Mobile Security Lite, a free security application for Android. In it has integrated software antivirus / anti-malware and anti-theft (theft of identity / profile) Android device users (smartphone / mobile phone / tablet / etc).

Along with the popularity of mobile devices based on Android operating system as well as the increasing number of available Android applications, has many outstanding range of applications / software that contains harmful codes that attack Android. Malicious code that would be very dangerous and definitely make Android the user concerned. It is strongly recommended to install an antivirus application for Android (security protection) such as Norton Mobile Security Lite.

Here are some features of Norton Mobile Security Lite (Lite NMS):
  • Anti-virus / Anti-malware
    To scan and detection of malicious code, viruses or malware in the file and Android applications as well as update the downloaded file into Android device, and automatically detects the application / file suspicious and to remove (delete) content / dangerous threat, the process is reversed screen without interfering with user activities.
  • Anti-theft
    In the remote to lock (lock) Android device is lost or stolen, by sending SMS text messages to prevent others from opening an important information and content such as use of financial accounts / billing.
  • Automatic LiveUpdate
    Automatically download and install security updates for database applications always get the latest security threats facing growing.

This free antivirus for android is quite useful to protect Android from malicious software, but if desired the user can upgrade to a paid application is more powerful Norton again with some additional features such as determining the existence of the phone or remotely delete data, block calls (telephone calls) and text messaging / SMS, and some other additional features.

Download / Install Norton Mobile Security Lite

to Downloa Please direct to the Android Market site here.

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