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News about Death Grip on Sony Xperia P

By Unknown on Saturday, June 2, 2012 0 comments

Why, there's about a little problem and news with the Sony Xperia P? Now there's a video to see in this blog that the Sony Xperia P could suffer under the dreaded "death grip". This notoriety erring on the Apple iPhone 4 and refers to a phenomenon in which the signal strength decreases when you touch a certain body-point to 0.

This "death grip", the signal strength of the Sony Xperia P lowered so much that even breaks the telephone connection. A slight slowdown is usual with any smartphone, after all, the manufacturer must indeed put the antenna somewhere. But so strong that it stops completely, it is known only from the iPhone 4

However, it seems that this video of the "death grip" not on the Sony Xperia P be the rule, first users had their say, and confirmed that their Sony Xperia P this "Death Grip" did not. Or maybe the signal strength of the smartphone in the video is rather low. Also, Sony may have programmed the sensitivity more sensitive.

Sony Xperia P "DEATH GRIP"

First tests on the Sony Xperia P could use the infamous "Death Grip" show. Previously there was no detailed studies.

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