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Galaxy S 3 Camera Firmware Update

By davis becklin on Saturday, June 16, 2012 0 comments

For the newly released Samsung Galaxy S3, there is the first update release. And this is not just for the camera, Samsung has fix its camera bugs and error ready. The update for the camera of the Galaxy S3 is OTA to you. But Samsung has hidden the update a little. To get there, you have to carry some steps.

To update the firmware yet also very good camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you must first do the following, the Telephone application of the Galaxy start S3. Then you enter: # 34971539 #. Then you see the Galaxy S3 camera firmware menu. In the menu you choose then "Phone / CAM FW Ver Check" and sets aside the best Galaxy S3, the firmware will be downloaded automatically.

This is The step:
After downloading the new camera firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S3 it your phone will restart. The new firmware was installed then. The latest camera firmware, the "ZDFE02" his S3 for the Galaxy. About any changes after the update so far nothing is known.


So if you noticed any changes to its Galaxy S3 camera after the update, you can contact or comment on this post for what changes you get from the update. But maybe Samsung has just taken the Firmware to the latest and perhaps what screwed to the speed.

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