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Google To Release Nexus 7 Tablet

By Unknown on Sunday, June 10, 2012 0 comments

The release of the new Nexus Tablet to the end of June held Google I / O is imminent. This was confirmed by a senior representative from ASUS about Android Authority. The Nexus Tablet previously baptized Tablet 7 that is produced by ASUS for Google. The Tablet, the staff confirmed the ASUS comes to about U.S. $ 200.00 on the market.

The Nexus tablet 7 is powered by a quad-core processor, the NVIDIA Tegra trimmed 3 "Kai" driven variant. This allows for a 7-inch tablet a price between U.S. $ 150.00 - U.S. $ 250.00. The whole thing is then to come with Android 4.1, if android jelly bean was finished and launched this tablet nexus may be using android jelly bean if not then still use the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

If the Nexus 7 tablet that delivers what it promises so far, then it could finally be a strong competitor to Apple in the tablet market. This has in fact been dominated by the company from Cupertino with nearly 60 percent market share. There could be Google with its new reference tablet, Tablet Nexus 7, then poach it right.


google launch a 7 inch nexus tablet

But so far nothing has been confirmed. But the fact that the Nexus Tablet 7 on the Google I / O may be present, this is now doubted but no more. Too many rumors have been recently summarized at this.

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