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Samsung Galaxy S 3 News

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After the last few days more and more rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 are circulating through the Internet, I'm going to try to summarize here all the time these statements. Even at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung has expressed not a word to the successor of the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2.

Therefore, of course, not tear off the S3 is not speculation about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy. But contrary to earlier rumors, wild crystallize itself more and more credible statements but rather out of it. Even Samsung can only produce what is technically feasible. And then of course the user is also the interesting price.

The last rumor, which made ​​the rounds was that the Galaxy allegedly S3 is a 4.8-inch full HD display plus to get more small.
And here, many wonder whether this size is feasible at all? Technically, you can build it, it's a prototype from Fujitsu, but who has just 4.6 inches, but it shows that Samsung could really bring this display.

What can do with Samsung Galaxy S3 ?

samsung galaxy ace 3 news

The next hotly debated rumor concerned the case of the Galaxy S3. Here Samsung will reportedly focus on a ceramic body. This, too, want this Samsung is not a problem to ensure that your phone has this course and is superior. Both of these rumors are of course reflected in the price.

Continue to plan in South Korea with a quad-core processor of Exynos series from Samsung. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 in a quad-core will be coming to take the ideas of the HTC One X and four other core smartphones from various manufacturers, most of all with the greatest likelihood.

With the built-in camera, however it should act according to recent rumors of an 8-megapixel version. The Samsung Galaxy S3 even 12 megapixels of resolution were under discussion. What happens here, we will see, because the number of MP is not always decisive. May well be that Samsung has started a new sensor in the sleeve.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 new with the new Android OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is come, is beyond question. To what extent then, an update to Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is possible, which is supposedly already in the autumn of 2012 to come will be seen then.

And now the release date. Again, there is just wild speculation. It is but assumed that it probably in April or May will present to the world.

[Update] All facts for Galaxy S3 after the release event can be found here:

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