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Tutorial How To Create a Partition On Sd Card

By Unknown on Thursday, June 28, 2012 15 comments

good morning All :). Today I will give a tutorial on how to create a partition on SD Card especially for Galaxy Mini, but don't worry it also can be used for another device because it is generally used the same way to make partition for the hard drives on all android device. In this tutorial, we will make 2 pieces of partitions, one for storage of SD card (FAT / FAT32) and one for applications storage that would increase the smartphone internal memory space (Ext2).

Read First
Important! You must do it! Backup (copy) all of the contents of your SD Card into your computer's hard drive before you create a partition on your SD card, because when you create a partition it is directly will format your sd card, so that it will caused your data on SD card will be lost.

In general, a partition on the sd card is made of 3 pieces the fat32 partition, ext2, and linux swap.
Fat32 is useful for storing data like song mp3, video, images, documents, and others. Ext2 is useful for applications where installed, ext2 may be regarded as a second internal memory, now ext2 partition is used when we are going to move the applications on the internal memory to the sd card by force. This transfer must use the link2sd application that can be installed when the smartphone has been at the root Androidmu.
Linux swap partition itself is used to help the performance of RAM. This partition is used when your android smartphone has a small RAM.

Step by step tutorial how to create partition on SD card is:

  1. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard - Free HOME here.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Unplug / remove the SD Card from you android Smartphone, and insert the SD card into the Memory Card Reader, and then plug the Memory Card Reader to the computer.
  4. Open The MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition that you have downloaded before.
  5. Find the name of your SD Card, usually on Disk 2. in this case I have GALMINS5570(look the picture below), with 7.42GB capacity (8GB).tutorial make partition on sd card
  6. If you have found it, right click the drive name of your SD card >> to create partition on sdcard
  7. Right-click again >> Create Partitiontutorial create second partition on sd card
  8. Settings as shown below, then click the OK button.tutorial create second partition on sd card
  9. For number 3, just change according to size that you want. In the picture is unallocated Space After: 835.79 MB that means that the future internal memory my smartphone will increase to 835.79 MB + 180 MB (default) = 1 Giga .
  10. Yap .. The first partition is created. Now right-click the drive with symbol *: under the drive's the first partition that you created earlier >> right click and click Create
  11. tutorial create second partition on sd card then will appear an option box, Just Click Yes set the parameter according to the following picture, then click the OK button. how to create second partition on sd card
  12. Then Click Apply button
  13. Then will appear box like the picture below create partition on sd card Choose Yes
  14. wait until the process complete, see the picture below
  15. create partition on sd card
  16. Click OK, and your SD card now have 2 pieces of Partition! Then close MiniTool program Partition Wizard Home Edition and then copy back all the contents of your SD card that you have backup on your pc/laptop. : D
You can link your installed apps to your second partition that you have make so your internal memory will not fulled with installed apps read on link2sd tutorial
OK Finish, now your internal memory will increase according to the size of your second partition that you have created. see you on next news and android tutorial updates.

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Fabio Ferreira said...

Thank you very much for the tut :) you really helped, keep up the good work ;D

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thanks!!! good job!

Mark Vincent said...

Thanks a lot Bro, you really helped me.

Donald Rohrbacher said...

Thanks, man. I was just searching for "what a second partition was for" and learned that you can increase your Android's internal memory from doing just that. Thanks!

davis becklin said...

you're welcome bro :D

chetan chavan said...

Great Job ! I was little apprehensive to do this myself. but this tutorial served a guide.
Thanks !!!

Jayasimha said...

Will this increase the ram?

davis becklin said...

no, it is only increase internal memory

Blog do Andre Morais said...

Very Good! It's working fine on my galxy y. Thanks

Mathieu Robin said...

Thank you very much for the Tuto! Why did they make it so complicated at Samsung?

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Anonymous said...

how to create 3rd parttion for swapper 2...plz reply

davis becklin said...

it's the same with fat32 or ext, you just need choose the swap type and specify the space

Filipe Faisca said...

Tks Davis! it was exacly what I was looking for.

Keep up the good work.

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