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Galaxy S3 "Voice over LTE" Update is in South Korea

By Unknown on Thursday, August 9, 2012 0 comments

The Galaxy S3 in South Korea was indeed a far better model on the market than we do. In addition, there were on board with 2GB of RAM (1GB instead, as in Germany) and LTE. Now use the two South Korean SK Telecom and provider MetroPCS offer the LTE model of the Galaxy S3 for "Voice over LTE."

With VoLTE with the Samsung Galaxy S3 you go to South Korea new ways. In Germany are in talks over the GSM network to a much lower quality than would be possible over LTE. However, the LTE network is well known in Germany, not so well and also the Samsung Galaxy S3 are not here as a LTE model.

Of course you would also VoLTE in Germany is not just for the benefit of the network operator to be, but it is only a quasi-mobile Internet provider. And then it would break off the next lucrative source of income for mobile operators. Therefore, they probably is not too keen to develop LTE faster than necessary.


galaxy s3 use volte voice over LTE

Now we can say that the starts with the Galaxy S3 and VoLTE in South Korea, as a signal of new era in mobile telephones. Until pass this model in Germany is probably still months if not years. Even the selection or range of LTE-enabled smartphone models in Germany is rather low.

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