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Patent War Apple vs Samsung Samsung's victory in Japan

By davis becklin on Friday, August 31, 2012 0 comments

And here today another news competition again about Apple, inexhaustible topic. After the bitter defeat for Samsung against Apple in U.S. , but it is the other way at this time. In Japan, Samsung scored a victory in patent dispute with Apple. However, it was not about the same as patents in the United States.

The verdict in U.S. dispute between Apple and Samsung made ​​quite a stir, many observers leave the decision signal to the whole patent war against Android forward. But ultimately decided only by a court of a country. In Japan now, a court has dismissed a lawsuit against Apple Samsung because of a patent.

The American judgment is of course very important, because the jury had to decide on the fundamental question of whether Samsung copied the iPhone and iPad intentionally and willfully infringed Apple's patents. The jury answered in the affirmative, saying Apple has a total liability to the proud height of 1.05 billion U.S. dollars.


samsung vs apple patent

Before the court in Tokyo it was again "just" an alleged patent infringement by three Samsung phones: Apple claimed that Samsung products Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S II, an Apple patent for syncing music and video files to a server breach. Apple had filed the lawsuit last year, and 100 million yen - about 1.02 million euros - demanded compensation. The process thus moves in a completely different dimension than before the U.S. District Court.
The Japanese judge ruled, however, now that Samsung did not infringe the patents. So a little for the South Koreans to court. A "loser" must Apple also bear the costs of the proceedings.

Title Post: Patent War Apple vs Samsung Samsung's victory in Japan
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