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Official Jelly Bean For Galaxy S3 Leaked With XXDLH4

By davis becklin on Saturday, August 18, 2012 1 comment

A sure sign of an impending release of the Android 4.1 update is now within 24 hours 2 . If it increase, one can assume that the update is imminent in the not too distant future. With the already second leak within 24 hours is not to deny that the rollout of Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is imminent.

During the first firmware leak XXDGL4 yet compiled in July, was the latest version is only days old XXDLH4. According build information they derived from 14 August and is likely to benefit from two weeks more development time significantly. Having noticed the words "release keys" contains is even likely, that this is the firmware, which is distributed in the near future.
samsung galaxy s3 jelly bean

Even though we have not tried out the new editor of the Jelly Bean firmware, we want to play at least what the users of the XDA Developers Forum have been found to innovations.

Jelly Bean Feature in Galaxy s3

  1. Noticeably improved audio recording in video
  2. While recording video you can now also pause
  3. Folder creation is now much simpler and adapted to stock Android. Say: You create a folder by dragging an icon onto another.
  4. "In-call Equalizer" renamed to "My Call"
  5. Wifi timer in the advanced wireless settings
  6. Progress bar instead of loading animation in the file browser when deleting files
  7. Pop-up player can now by pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in and out, when you click on the player, the clip is paused.

This is presumably only a small part of the new features. Who wants to know themselves what the firmware, the download takes place along with installation instructions at the XDA-Developers .

Note: The firmware can not be flashed in the original position on a legal way (via Odin or recovery)but requires some initial conditions and editing the install script. you need to make a nandroid backup( what is nandroid backup? ), install CWM, and etc.
Read How to instal jelly bean XXDLH4 on galaxy s3. As always, you are responsible for your own device, for any damage we do not accept any responsibility.

UPDATE : you can see the latest news for galaxy s3 jelly bean update

Have you seen the new Jelly Bean firmware already on your Samsung Galaxy S 3 installed? If so, we gladly accept your feedback - in the comments area.

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Unknown said...

this is actually the first leak. There is a second leak on XDA that is working perfectly. i'm am using it now and it's 100%

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