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The Kinds Of Android GPU

By davis becklin on Saturday, August 25, 2012 0 comments

Hi all of tutorial for android blog reader. At This time I want to explain about the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU on android), which the brain of the graphics performance on our Android devices. GPU principle works with the Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) on PC / Computer.

GPU principle works like the Video Graphics Adapter (VGA) on PC / Computer. GPU also plays an important role when we used to play Android games class 3D High Definition (HD) video or high quality. Well, for Teknokerz who often play games or graphics processing, this article can help you all about the GPU used on Android devices each. The following are the types of GPU installed for Android to help the performance of the CPU or the graphics processor in the process:

Adreno GPU on Android

Adreno GPU series is made ​​by the current ATI AMD subsidiary ATI imageon first referred to the series, circa 2002-2004 is the initial release of awa-series GPU's. In 2008, AMD imageon sold to one of the leading manufacturers of processors, namely Quallcom. And now ATI / AMD only supports the architecture and development only. Now Adreno series is inherited from all the SOC (System On Chip) made Quallcom. Adreno itself is also divided into several classes:

  • Adreno 130, which resides in the SOC Quallcom MSM7xxx series.
  • Adreno 200, which is at QSD8x50 (1st gen snapdragon, mrupakan QSD Snapdragon SOC code of the series) and MSM7x27 (MSM is code for SOC products quallcom for general series). Usually, this series Adreno Android handhelds used in low-end (low specs, with a 600-800 MHz processor).
  • Adreno 205 in QSD8x50A (1.3 GHz), MSM7x30 (800 MHz + L2 cache), MSM8x55 (1 GHz + L2 cache).
  • Adreno 220, is their latest flagship, I myself have had a lot of info about the Adreno 220, but it seems it has Multi-Core GPU (more than one processor core). This series and the Adreno 220 is typically used in handheld Android class Mid-End and High-End (a high specification, with a 1GHz processor above).

Mali GPU Android

mali gpu on android

This GPU series is made by ​​ARM architecture, though still rarely heard this name, but its power can not be underestimated. Mali GPU series outstanding from HDTVs, gaming consoles (PS3), up to a smartphone. Especially for smarphone, the series used is 400MP4 Mali (MP is the core indicators used). GPU is part of the SOC A9 1.2GHz Exynos dual-core CPU Samsung's Galaxy S II. Reportedly 400MP4 Mali is able to render almost equivalent to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

PowerVR GPU Android

power vr android gpu specification

PowerVR Series is the first artificial logic video also enliven the VGA market, but as the dominance of NVIDIA and ATI video logic now only play in the world of mobile gadgets GPU. PowerVR itself  production is not in finished form by power logic, but they are only a draft architecture, which sold the license to many of the leading processor manufacturers such as NEC, Intel, Freescale, Texas Instruments and others.

PowerVR Series alone now in its sixth series, this 2 game console ever used in the 1900's, the Dream cast and Sega Saturn. PowerVR SGX Series 5 is the series most often found on smartphones, SGX GPU 5 itself is elite in the world of smartphones, the world might be like BMW cars listed J.Seri SGX been used in a variety of smartphones and gadgets follows:

  • SOC A4/SGX535 (iPhone 4/ipod gen4/ipad)
    Hummingbird/SGX540 clock SOC 200 (Samsung Galaxy S)
  • OMAP SOC 3/SGX530 series (Droid X, Motorola Defy, Samsung Galaxy SL, Motorola Mile 2, Droid 2 and LG Optimus Black)
  • Intel GMA 500 ​​and GMA 600 also uses SGX535 as onboard VGA intel atom
  • The next 5-series variants SGXMP (MP here indicates the number of cores) OMAP SOC 4 (4430) / SGX540MP quadcore clocked 300 (Blackberry Playbook, LG Optimus 3D).
  • SOC A5/SGX543MP2 (iPad 2).
  • SGX543MP4, which is used in the Playstation Vita.
  • Moreover series next god, SGX544MP + OMAP 5 will be dual quadcore CPU that mnggunakan A15 (eagle platform) + dual CPU Cortex-M4 processor cores with a clock up to 2 GHz.

is this article about difference in android GPU help you? i'm waiting your comment on comment area below :).

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