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Samsung Galaxy S3: induction charging by Palm Touchstone Mod

By davis becklin on Friday, August 3, 2012 0 comments

Exactly yesterday we have reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3 at the launch of the promised induction wireless charging feature with the mass production of corresponding battery cover boards and finally it has really produced. Until the whole thing really comes in trade, a few more months will move to the country. Well, that there are now on eBay is a fairly professional-looking DIY solution, which is based on the Touchstone, the HP Palm devices.

We remember that Samsung's induction charging solution for S3 consists of a new battery cover and the recessed board, which is equipped with an induction coil and two pins with appropriate connectors connects to the back of the quad-core flagship. Exactly the same way the Hong Kong-based maker of hand-built and offered for sale on Wireless Charging kits have chosen: Looks almost exactly like the Samsung board (if the cover even a bit more noble) and HP's Palm Touchstone charging.

galaxy s3 touchstone wireless charging

The battery cover is modified. This both in white and in blue at a cost of $ 28, respectively $ 7.50, bundled with Touchstone, cable and USB power connector are $ 55 for the white version or $ 14.90 for the blue kit due. Dealers hkrc that can be mixed with 99.5 percent positive reviews certainly be trusted, the battery cover and bundles shipped worldwide - oddly without shipping for the white products, however, $ 20 or $ 40 for the blue variants.

Anyone interested in the DIY induction charging solutions should, however, strike quickly: The numbers are very limited, are only between six and 20 copies.

What you say to this alternative induction charging solution, good thing that needs to be tested?

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