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What is Nandroid Backup

By Unknown on Thursday, August 23, 2012 0 comments

All of you must be often heard the term about Nandroid backup on some android tutorial or android article, whether it is related the needed of the process of install, update, root and custom rom. And maybe for some of you still don't know what exactly is nandroid backup. Nandroid backup is closely associated with the process of the install, root and others that I've mentioned above on your android smartphone.

What is Nandroid Backup

Because nandroid back up is a way that is used to backup all the contents of your operating system such as apn and internet setting, various configurations, applications and your games. all the contents of the android operating system that is in your phone will be saved in backup. And will be stored and formed in the image file. so if something wrong happens on your android operating system or you may fail in doing custom rom or other failures you can easily restore it. If you restore you will get back to its previous position as the exact same condition when you make a nandroid backup.

what is nandroid backup

but you must know that nandroid backup does not backup file that is on your SD card. Since this is only backing up the entire contents of your phone. To backup your SD card you can save them to live elsewhere. For example, like the PC / laptop or other storage media. Or if you want to be more practically you can use some application that will give you ease to backup it, the application such as titanium bakup pro. i will share it on another tutorial upgrade android

and now Nandroid has been integrated with Clockwork/Rom manager. So to do nandroid backup you just go to the option to backup your phone and clockworkmod or Rom Manager, and the process will be done in a few minute.

So if you want to do some risk activity with your android smartphone like install custom rom or another update that maybe can brick your phone you can just backup your phone and then if something happen you can restore it with the condition exactly match when you make backup.

Do you have understand about what is nandroid backup? so now you can read makae a nandroid backup
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