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How To Create A Nandroid Backup

By Unknown on Friday, August 24, 2012 0 comments

Hi all of tutorial for android blog readers and subscriber. Now with me Davis Becklin and today i want to discuss more about nandroid backup that i discuss yesterday. I will also explain and give the tutorial how to do nandroid backup. So if you still don’t know and do not have any idea about what is nandroid backup you can read the explanation in the link above.

The point of nandroid backup is you will save all the content of you smartphone internal memory it means the whole of the operating system that runs on your phone. So if something wrong happen you can restore it. And the condition will exactly match with the condition when you make the backup

The point that you must note is it is not backup your SD card. the backup file is also saved and created on your SD card. So you must check your SD card status memory and make sure that it have sufficient space to create the backup file from your phone. Then you can copy the file to computer or any storage device so you can use it anytime.

Ok now assume that all of you have know about what is it. Now i will give the tutorial do a nandroid backup. But before we star you must prepare the requirements

  • Rooted Device:
    You need to have root access to your android device to. there also a lot of advantages that you will get if you have root acces. Also the application used in this process requires root access. you will miss many good things from your device if you not rooted it, i'm seriously :p
    If you have root acces, lets go to the second step. If yours isn’t – go get yourself a root!
  • Custom Recovery
    You cannot create a backup while the custom recovery is running. Because The Nandroid backup process is do through recovery.
  • ClockworkMod recovery
    To make backup you must have cwm installed on your device. it is the most popular recovery. to install it you can use ROM Manager and your preliminary setup is complete. and you must use CWM V 5 or higher to do it. So first install cwm that fit with your samrtphone model. for example : install cwm for galaxy note2, install cwm touch for galaxy s3

How to Make Nandroid Backup via Recovery

  1. Boot into Recovery.
    How to boot into recovery it also depends with your android smartphone, because different what button that you must to be pressed to enter. But if I prefer to use Quick Boot app. It gives me one touch option to Reboot, boot into Recovery or Bootloader and simply Power Off.create nandroid backup via clockwormod recovery
  2. Select ‘Backup and Restore’ from the recovery screen.
    once you have entered to recovery mode, scroll down to the option ‘Backup and Recovery’ and tap it. You can scroll up/down through the menu using the volume buttons and select options using your power button.

    nandroid backup via ClockworkMod Recovery
  3. Start the backup.
Nandroid Backup Menu

After you are on the Nandroid screen, choose ‘Backup’ option to start the backup process. You have the option to restore backup on the same screen.
below is the screenshot of the backup process
Nandroid Backup Generating md5 Sum and Finishing Backup Process

Restore from a Nandroid Backup via Recovery

  1. Boot into Recovery and navigate to the Nandroid screen. the step is the same with The first two steps above.
  2. Select ‘Restore’ to start the process.
  3. Reboot system. Your system is now restored and is exactly same as the time when the backup was taken.
Ok. thats it, now you can try to do it. Do a Nandroid backup and then you no need to afraid if you want to do any experiments with you phone. comment please if you want ask a question.

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