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How To Install Clockworkmod Touch Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S3

By davis becklin on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 0 comments

For the Samsung Galaxy S3 now we've seen almost everything: from the root to change firmware to improve the camera etc, all on our blog, and today we explain how to install CWM Touch that also works with the Touch: the ClockWorkMod Recovery Touch.

Today is available the Clockworkmod Recovery Touch version for the most popluat android smartphone at 2012 the Samsung Galaxy S3, besides having the peculiarity of working with the touch of your fingers on the display also has a number of interesting features that go far beyond usual backup and system recovery. You can read all the feature on my previous post about clockworkmod 6 new features

Below is the preview of install cwm touch on galaxy s3
install cwm touch recovery on galaxy s3

You can find all information, downloads, and guides install the following guide below
After the custom rom cyanogenmod release then finally comes the ClockworkMod Recovery Touch that works with the touch for samsung Galaxy S3

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How to install Touch Recovery On Galaxy S3

  1. download the file but do not remove it!
  2. download Odin (windows only) and unpack it to a folder on your PC
  3. restart the Galaxy S3 in Download Mode (switch it off and switch it on by pressing ' Home ' + ' Volume down ' and by pressing Power button for two seconds When the screen appears press ' VOLUME UP ' to enter Download Mode.
  4. connect the USB cable with S3 Galaxy
  5. Start Odin
  6. Check ' Auto Reboot ' and ' f. Reset Time we sprung up on Odin and don't change nothing else on the option.
  7. Click on ' PDA ' by Odin and select the recovery-clockwork-touch- file you downloaded
  8. Click on ' Start ' to install CWM Touch on your Galaxy S3
  9. Finish
Here is the video tutorial

How to boot into Touch Recovery mode
  • disconnect the USB cable
  • turn off the phone
  • press and hold ' HOME ' + ' VOLUME UP ' and press ' POWER ' for about 5 seconds and you will enter in recovery mode
Ok now you have successfully install cwm touch for galaxy s3. Now you can use it for your needs such as backup or restore. Also as usual you can use it for install custom rom

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