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Lights off - infinite puzzle game for android

By davis becklin on Thursday, January 10, 2013 0 comments

Today we want to tell you Lights OFF, completely free app recently landed on Google Play that offers a fun puzzle game that promises to keep you glued to the big or small screen of your device.
puzzle game for androif

Puzzle game for android

A puzzle a lot of fun, this puzzle game for android hard enough to keep you glued for some time on the screen of your device. The purpose of Lights OFF is really quite simple: you should try to turn off all the boxes on the screen. To complicate matters, however, there is the particular behavior of the same checkboxes that, once click, will not be limited to vary their state of ignition, but they're going to vary the state of all the boxes adjacent.

The particular game consists of two modes: Arcade and Free Play.
In Arcade mode, you can fix one by one all the expected levels, with increasing difficulty on a 5 × 5 grid. How many levels? Only 1050. You can also navigate between levels with a very intuitive interface, but only up to the last level resolved. The increasing difficulty of the levels in the shortest number of moves is sufficient to solve the level. So for example, if the first level is solved in 6 moves (for experts), with the 500th level is not there you can go out with less than 15 moves! However, for the purposes of the game, the important thing is to switch off all the lights, or with 6 steps or 60 makes no difference.

Infinite puzzle lights off game feature

In Free Play mode instead you may choose the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard and "WTF?"), And the grid size (4 × 4, 5 × 5 or 6 × 6). Will be generated each time a random level (but always solvable) problems with user's choice. During the resolution of the level, if the stress is too high, you can always start a new level with random parameters difficulties previously selected simply by pressing the "Reset" button.

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In summary Lights Off is a game designed to never stop. It 's the perfect game for those who want to put a strain on your brain and your logical skills at any time. It also has the distinction of being an endless games of mathematical logic, so in that sense a great novelty.
The application is available on Google Play free!

Download Lights Off from play store

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