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Samsung Galaxy S3 S voice Commands

By davis becklin on Sunday, January 20, 2013 0 comments

Here you can see a review from Samsung Galaxy S3 usage with focus on S voice and the additional app voice commands.

Start S voice
You find S voice as an installed application in the menu and you can place naturally like any application on your homescreen. In addition, it is stored as a standard double press of the home button directly calls on S voice. If you do not need this feature, you can turn them off. S voice, opens to the press menu button > settings > S voice open (uncheck). As less for everyone S voice not so often use tip on the edge. Normally, your wait Samsung Galaxy S3 after pressing the home button double-click a commemorative second on the possible. If the function has been disabled, it comes a small little faster back to the homescreen.

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Samsung Galaxy S3: S voice and app voice commands

If you you interested what has to offer S voice in bottom right clicks the question mark but when open voice control or simply says "Help". Alternatively, you can find the detailed list of examples within s voice on the menu button > settings > help.For those who have still not Samsung Galaxy S3, there the list short and at the end of a collection of all the examples as screenshots.
s voice commands on galaxy s3
galaxy s3 s voice setting

How To Use S voice
The principle is always the same, to configure it presses the microphone button below or you activate the Samsung Galaxy S3 voice control by the saying of "Hello Galaxy". If this command not like you, this can be adapted: menu button > settings > help > S voice alarm command > change now.

From here, the wild fun begins and you can dictate your requests. For my feeling, it works overall pretty neat with recognition when you speak at an appropriate volume. This is possible in a quiet room alone at home as a whisper, in busier areas, one must be also very clear.

I felt flexible the detection of commands as a right. The time of rigid command pattern, you had to keep 1 to 1 is over. Whether you now short and crisp says "Timer a minute" or "Do please a timer on a minute" is up to you. The bottom line will appear and you can confirm, change or cancel. When the timer or alarm clock a time also serves as link in the corresponding app. So not quite matches or you want to configure your alarm even down to the last detail, this is not a big problem.

It also works with questions to the address book. Show contact invites you to the appropriate contact and you could open it on request. What has surprised me very positively, is that properly identify by name. All participants (more than 200) are created with full name and surnames in my address book. The recognition is very good and also the right people will be found, despite partly identical name or surname. Here, the benefits of voice control is exhausting but also my opinion. If you have many contacts with multiple email I can find the correct entry addresses and various numbers out of habit to date even faster by hand unlike the voice control.

S voice: change voice of the Samsung Galaxy S 3

When the sound manner of your Galaxy s 3 to you says you don't like, then you have to accept so. Settings > language and input > text to speech > Sasmsung TTS (set point) > gear > Samsung TTS settings > General settings > language effects. The Available options are:
  • Normal
  • Deep voice
  • High voice
  • Weak voice
  • Strong voice
  • Robot voice
  • Helium gas effect

Should really each time be yourself in the 6th. By the way is the system-wide speech, in this sense, have fun with Google Maps Navigation.

S voice: What works and now works

what works or not on voice commands

The two screenshots show my two previous defeats in connection with S voice. The first was an attempt to start a conversation that does not fit the prefabricated commands and this went straight to the pants. Where I am sure that we will find a few nice Biegsame here with time.

The second image shows an error that unfortunately more than ever has occurred. Apparently I was properly understood, but the command was incorrectly evaluated and the timer is set to zero. We hope on a software update which closes this gap. Since all requests need to eh about the vlingoserver, this could be solved possibly even server-side, without an update on the S3 itself.

S voice app commands
Outside s voice even more voice commands available are for the Samsung Galaxy S 3, if it has enabled this because. A look into the appropriate menu and further: settings > language and input > app voice commands (a slider and click on text for more options).

  • Incoming calls, accept or reject
  • Stop the alarm or to repeat
  • Camera trigger
  • Control music playback: next, previous, volume up, volume down
  • Radio: change channel, volume up, volume down

The screenshot shows the details.
list of voice commands

My personal favorite is clearly the camera control, because thus I can beautifully capture the device and must not fall on the display. A separate camera button would have also solved this problem, but it is nice but too made.

For me, these features show that it takes probably more than a few days to fully exploit a Samsung Galaxy S3. Here, there is potential to make our lives easier is certainly for many of us. While switching off the alarm you should reconsider yet again if you get accustomed to first off, I see bad come. ;)

I find it very convenient that you can activate each function separately or turn off. Listen for incoming commands will need also electricity and thus I can decide for myself what I really need.

It not all gold that glitters, and I don't see me in my everyday life always yet, how I give spoken commands to my phone. Especially that dictate messages in public is not an option for me. It will not be probably also large dictation in the car, because the background noise is too fast and too big in my small car. If a time has made the whole of you over a Bluetooth headset, like to share in the comments the experience.

Nevertheless the whole making produced on s voice commands after first reservations and just the voice commands are outside s voice certainly good to integrate if you start to think about it. Otherwise, for the first, there are the small commands that you have done to me. Pizza in the open, double click "Timer to 20 minutes" and is good. :)

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