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Chrome For Android Finally Get Password Synchronization Update

By davis becklin on Sunday, January 27, 2013 0 comments

One of the shortcomings of Google Chrome for Android is that of password synchronization with the Desktop version of the browser. This feature, however, it appears that will be missing again for a short time as Google would in his plans the introduction of password synchronization in the upcoming release of Google Chrome Beta for Android.

It must be said that, nor on Android nor on iOS, Google Chrome has this feature, of course, Android users would be the first to receive. In this way, if we input a password on our Desktop Chrome browser and require it, it would trigger at that moment that would sync password information even on Chrome for mobile.

google chrome for android password sync

This new google chrome for android feature should be available for Android through Chrome Beta starting from the month of February and should come on stable version within browser not long, of course subject to contingencies. Most likely Chrome for Android will become more and more a surrogate of the desktop version and over time the two browsers will become totally identical, hopefully even in terms of performance.

We hope that Google operates a new development as code optimization in Android stock rom browser.  And we all know that many android users still currently preferred over Chrome broswser as the best browser in terms of fluidity.

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