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Download The Best Web Browser For Android

By davis becklin on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 2 comments

Do you know what is the best browser for android? read this article so you can decide what is the best broswer also you can download the browser in this post.
There are dozens of web browsers in the market for google play and supports your choice of a browser on the features available by, the example: some of which has the advantage of sync with the desktop of the computer, and some features high-speed browsing, or support for Flash, you have many options from which to decide, some of those program is popular, and the other the contrary, in this report we will take a light on Five of the best browsers for Internet Private android system:

the best web browser for android


Firefox version Balandroed offers a lot, especially after the issuance of the previous beta version, what makes it different is its speed, Firefox fully supports synchronization with the release of Firefox for computers (PC) such as bookmarks, your passwords. It Is the first browser for smartphones supports browsing hidden and do not follow, start page an excellent where the buttons show you all the help and other tabs that you open to be able to return to what they were before the window now closed. Firefox supports plugins despite the fact that there is not much of it until now. and it Has several versions


chrome for android

it is Chrome for Android and finally our product came out late last month, of course you can use it if the version of your Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher. If you are running ICS or the new version of Android 4.1.1 on your machine you should you try Chrome. Chrome supports browsing daemon, supports kinds of synchronization by "synchronize chrome", and supports the synchronization search, synchronize the tabs and can be synchronized Chrome on your desktop, Chrome is considered the best system Android, the only downside that Google did not make it available to issue honeycomb or Ginger.

Dolphin Browser HD / Mini

dolphin browser for android

Dolphin Browser is the best browsers for many reasons, you can add a number of features to the browser to fit it to your specific needs, whether that be automatically filling in passwords, blocking ads, adjusting the brightness of the page, full screen the browser, add a speed dial page, and more. lots of extras excellent and conversion tool speech to text and direct translation comes Bosaddaran: issuance of high-resolution HD hardware high-speed and precision, and a copy "mini" to other devices, we recommend that everyone try this browser. Has several versions of

Opera Mini

If you love opera and use Web calculators (the computer), this customized version of the phone Alandroed will suit you perfectly. Opera Mobile supports "Opera Link", will enable you to synchronize your bookmarks and Speed ​​Dial, and preferences of other user of your computer to your. Otherwise , Opera Mobile fast and free, and the pressure data in the background so you can surf your favorite sites without being afraid of the cost of downloading data in case you are use of the network 3G. Opera browser has a lot of extras for the browser and for games that make it more fun to use. Has several versions of

Boat Browser

boat browser for android

Boat Browser is one of the first Internet browsers in the early days of the launch of Android, it supports plug-ins, and has a strong voice search (so you can say to him "Facebook" and the browser will open a Facebook fast). And T can be specifically Home and quick access to favorite sites and is characterized by rapid review of the video on YouTube. Comes Bosaddaran full and miniature.


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Terry said...

MiniBrowser Pro is the best browser! It's the only browser with adblock and video downloader

Davis Becklin said...

thanks for your comment :)
yeah its great because it has adblock and video downloader
but i think another android user have their own faforite browser. because it depends on their needs :)

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