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Android Jelly Bean 4.1 New Features And Release Date

By Unknown on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 3 comments

for you that search android articles which explain and reviews the news about jelly bean new features and release date you can read the jelly bean news here. Finally Google has officially announced the latest Android operating mobile system version 4.1, which is named Jelly Bean, which took place in San Francisco, United States at the conference Google I / O 2012 on Wednesday (06/27/2012). Jelly Bean the launch was announced two weeks after Apple announced a mobile operating system IOS version 6.

jelly bean new features

This Version of Android The Jelly Bean has many updates if compared to the previous Android, version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. In a short demonstration, Google showcased some of the new features in the Jelly Bean. They are:

jelly bean new features

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is more quick and saves battery

Android Engineering Director said that android 4.1 Jellybean has been updated to be fast and smoother

in this version of android we can see the technical details of the Triple Buffering (GPU / CPU and Display in sync), the frame rate increases if compared the previous version(60fps at the device) and touch anticipation, but in essence: it can be said that the system and graphics become more faster and smoother. There are Also a Touch Input Boost, it will boosts the CPU so that loading times are faster, and therefore uses less battery power.

Updates to Google Play is more smarter than ther previous version. it would not download and install the whole installation file, apps only install changed elements, making them on average 66% smaller.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean new Display and appearance

for the display in this android jelly bean version it looks to be more fresh and good. Moving widget between different homescreens now more intuitive, with applications and widgets to moving out of the way to accommodate. the Application will also moves around when resize the widget.
while for the keyboard on this android version is become more advanced, in which the keyboard is able to predict the next word you will type before you type it.
Jellybean also gives you a new Arabic font, and added18 new languages including Persian, Hindi and Thai.
there is a very innovative new features, which in this version provides support for blind users, with the gestur support, and Bluetooth support for Braille devices external

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean camera

Other updates in this Android latest version is on the camera application.
On android 4.1 the result of the pictures is more smoother, but it's within the photo review where the major changes is lie.
Pinching brings a photograph strip of all taken photos, with the swipe to delete creating it easier to quickly take away unwanted pictures.
Don't worry though, there's an undo button creating its way to the interface yet, thus even though you mistakenly scrub out that image of a cat you once saw, it is not totally gone, because you can undo it

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean using NFC

Jelly Bean now has the ability to send images and video to the another smartphone that has NFC enabled device and allows instant pairing with NFC enabled Bluetooth devices.
Google is obviously impressed with this functionality, though we have a tendency to undecided how that handling of videos and photos goes to be handled - we saw hide nor hair of Wi-Fi Direct compatibility on the Google Nexus seven, therefore it appears media are sent via Bluetooth.
This means abundant slower download speeds - odd given the Samsung Galaxy S3 will manage identical NFC trick however do it all at a miuch higher transfer rate.

Jellybean Notifications are far more interactive then previous version

The notification is now more complete, and it becomes easier to follow up. so if you got a missed call, you can directly call back immediately to. besides that the notiication becomes more expandable than before.
Not only that, you'll be able to send an email or build a decision directly from the Notifications screen as a response during a given situation say, once you are running late to a gathering and don't have the time to compose a lengthy reply, using the included commonly used presets. We, too, did not give that a go, but judging by the applause on the show floor when it was announced at Google I/O, it does seem to have its fair share of fans.

Google Now

Perhaps the most valuable new feature in android jelly bean is called Google Now. it is a feature that lets Google pretend it's reading your mind by drawing on your search history and the location of yqour data that created by the movements of your Android device.

Google currently also can automatically update you on the standing of one thing like an airline flight you are obtaining, or your favorite soccer team scoring a goal. you do not even have to be compelled to tell your phone that flight or team to update you on -- it works that out from your searches.
and if you want to configure your google now, you can read here how to configure google now.

That is all of the jelle bean new features. we hope the information we provide will expand and improve your knowledge about android see you in another android news update .

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Андрей'OK said...

Hey, great release! I just got my upgrade for Icecream Sandwich at and now Im waiting for Jelly. Keep it up dude!

Aadam Gibson said...

I like your optimism and I sure hope it’s true.

Davis Becklin said...

@Андрей'OK : yess.. thank you bro :)
@aadam : yeah, but this is true, just try the jelly bean

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