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Victory for HTC - Slide to Unlock Apple Patent Rejected

By Unknown on Thursday, July 5, 2012 0 comments

Apple's lawsuit for patent infringement that committed by HTC is aground. In the UK judge who examined the case said there was no patent infringement committed Taiwanese was about the famous "Slide to Unlock" patent, which has claimed by apple from Cupertino. But a British court saw it differently.

This Court recognized that the HTC "Slide to Unlock" is already used before it was patented, the company from Cupertino. In the hearing were the following four patents: "the unlocking of a device by moving a picture (Slide to Unlock)", "the use of a multi-language keyboard with different alphabets", "A system that allows different software, which is a Single-touch, which is a multi-touch and what is not utilisable touching a touch screen at all. and to A design element, drawn from an image beyond the screen boundary, and then to its original position jumps to indicate that further movement is not possible (as in a gallery app). "

The Court today issued a decision that three patents in this patent is invalid and not infringed by HTC 4. And most important, especially "Slide to unlock" patent. This has been patented by Apple in 2005, but the judge found there was insufficient evidence that the HTC technology used in 2004 when his phone Neonode N1. This could be the key to the world of Android.


In addition in the UK, Apple is also have a disputes with HTC in the United Serikat.Desember years ago, Apple filed a lawsuit associated with hyperlinks to the messaging application and browser. Because the ITC lawsuit and asked U.S. Customs to stop imports of HTC.

Last May, the U.S. Customs suspend imports HTC EVO One X and LTE. But lately HTC products could enter the U.S. market.

Title Post: Victory for HTC - Slide to Unlock Apple Patent Rejected
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