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Samsung Galaxy S3 Graphic Sells On 2012

By davis becklin on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 0 comments

We know that Samsung on Mei 2012 have been released The latest Samsung Smartphone. this Phone is called as Samsung Galaxy S 3, and now it is have been sold for over 10 million sales in less than two months after going on sale. and that news is beyond what was expected by Samsung it self.

The results are an absolute dream for Samsung. If you consider that the Galaxy S3 in many countries until mid-June came on the market and then also the blue of the Galaxy S3, delivery delays, then this is absolutely amazing. Samsung reported that the Galaxy about S3 190,000 copies are sold daily.

how many samsung galaxy s3 have been sold out

This one has beaten the sales success of its predecessor significantly, that is Samsung Galaxy S2. For this model, if compared we still need double time than the galaxy s3 to sell 10 million copies. This Samsung has probably more convincing the status as the largest smartphone maker in the world continued to strengthen. It is therefore not surprising that Samsung made ​​to new record sales and profits.
Samsung now counts itself as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, becoming the chief rival to Apple in terms of sales and demand for devices.
samsung galaxy s 3 sold about 10 million

It is now more exciting to be predicted, how many Galaxy S3 will be sold out in the coming months?. If so, the sale continues, then probably about 40 million by year-end Samsung Galaxy S3 will released to the customer.

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