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CyanogenMod 10 Android Jelly Bean News Feature

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In a detailed post, the team of Cyanogenmod has the its custom rom to the upcoming new version expressed their custom firmware. They on Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" based version is called CyanogenMod 10 and a long time developed in parallel to the two current versions of CM7 and CM9 are.
This is beautiful, the development team around the its team faithful and awards for every major new version of Android has its own name. The 10th version will therefore be published by the team build on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The version number always corresponds with the first letter of the Android version, so J = 10 Letter in the alphabet.
Most users probably will appreciate the implementation of "Project butter" in Android 4.1 in this CM 10 This feature promises a significant performance boost. Still, the CyanogenMod developers, like everyone does not have access to the Android 4.1 source code. But the porting effort should not be too large. The jump from CM9 to CM10 is probably easier and quicker, than on the CM9 and CM7
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cyanogenmod 10 news

As usual, in general, then, can not say exactly when the its firmware will appear 10 then. But of course, one can assume that the guys that will implement as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, we expect based on our experience, that the ambitious CM team first nightly builds of CM10 only a few days after publication of the Jelly Bean make source code available.

With currently about 2.5 million installations, is probably the most popular custom firmware on the planet. With this custom rom cm10 can (install) a current operating system release includes minor improvements to a variety of common devices, "flash"

That's it some news for cyanogenmod 10, hope be usefull, see tou in next android news update

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