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How To Download Apk From Google Play To PC

By Unknown on Friday, July 20, 2012 20 comments

good morning everyone, in this post today i want to answer a question that often asked from my blog visitor. it is about how to download apk files from google play to PC. but before i give the tutorial i will explain the chronologycal from this post so that you will not confused.

for owners of Android gadget would have become a habit to search for android applications, android games, and android widgets. either it is free or paid, and usually you are download it from google play store.
when you are browsing with your Android phones it is easy, you don't need to confuse when you want to download the three types of application above, but how can if you want to download the apps on Play Store when you are using a PC or computer? What steps should you do to get the APK from the Android Market to PC?
and now i will give the answer how to download apk from google play store
and this tutorial that i share is the way that i often use to download apk from paly store if i was online using my pc or laptop. maybe this tutorial rather different from another tutorial but i have proved it, and this is works, are you curious? now lets go ahead to the tutorial.

PC / laptop or computer are connected to the internet.
you must have Real Apk Leacher. Download Tool Apk Leacher
you must have java runtime environtment 1.5.0. download here

Do you have prepare all the requirements? if you have benn do that, lets go to the next step

Tutorial How To Download Apk From Google Play To PC

  1. After you successfully download Tool Real APK Leecher above, please extract it and go inside you'll find one. Exe file named Real APK Leecher, please run the file (make sure you have download the Java Runtime Environment / JRE 1.5.0 if you have not already download that, it will automatically download the JRE 1.5.0 first).
  2. To use this tool, you need enter your market account and Device ID.
    For the first time Real APK Leecher option will display three lines that you have to fill, that is email, password and device ID , To get your Device ID, just simply open dial pad, press *#*#8255#*#*. If it opens “GTalk Service Monitor”, find lines that begin with JID and Device ID. Your gmail account is JID, and your device id is a string that after android- prefix Please see the two pictures below:
    how to download apk from google playtutorial download apk from google play store
  3. If the option that you must fill had been completed, then the next will open interface Real APK Leecher, the next step please find the application / game / theme that you want on column Android "Android market by search" you can choose vendor name, package name or custom, after you enter the application you seacrh then it will display the applications that you typed before, wait a moment so that will appear suite of applications you are looking for earlier. The way to download : click the application you want to download (click the row so that the color become blue) right click (there are three options download this app, download the app icon and the view on google play.apk download tutorial from google play

if those tutorial didn't work for you go to this tutorial, but this step is rather complex then above, paste this url to your browser
I have tried it and it is works great!

Thus tutorial how to easily download APK Google Play to PC that I often use, but please keep in mind Real APK Leecher that download this app command will only be active if the application is really free, to download paid APK from Google's Play for PC you must visit the play store directly. see you in next tutorial for android.

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20 komentar:

bye for now..:) said...

works good.. thanks i had real issues with Cyanogen 9 and Play store.. thanks a lot :P

AndroidRomania24 said...

it says check your internet connection...and i am on internet ,wtf?

Davis Becklin said...

i'm sorry
it is work for me, and the people that above your comment.

Rowen Gonzales said...

very good awesome thanks

ENGRpk said...

Great tutorial, takes only 5 minutes to implement.. Thank you so much..

Pawan Kumhaulia said...

you are cool. you are alike a good teacher,its realy works dude so thanks alot............

Unknown said...

Perfect!!! It works on WIN 7 Home Premium 64 bits. Thank You Very Much..!

anhadh said...

thanks dude.. its working in window xp.........

Anonymous said...

It works fine under Mageia Linux 2 with OpenJDK 1.7, just enter:
java -jar APKDownloader.jar

I advise you to use a temporary password.

Christopher said...

for the guy who said ti still says connect to internet, you entered your device ID wrong. Edit>Settings, try again.

Rohit said...

Perfectly Working. Better than other ways. Cool.

davis becklin said...

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

wow dude its working thanks a lot

Varun said...

Had trouble downloading since I had 2 Step verification turned on for my google account, once I disabled it, it worked like a charm. Thanks!

Axel Vasquez said...

Varun, i've got 2 step verification and I create a password for specific application, the URL is

Regards, Axel

Emmanuelson Sackey said...

This is awesome
Thanks a lot
My google play always crashes. This is my savior
Thanks so much
Love ya lots

Anonymous said...

i tried to enter the device id again as u told o the other but its still comin please check ur internet conection. anyone help me!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks!!!!! works with easw

Macoy Lopez said...

works great kudos sir!

William Tanate said...

tanks men

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