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Titanium Tweaker Apps For Organize Android Phone

By Unknown on Friday, July 13, 2012 0 comments

Do you know and application for android called titanium tweaker? If you never heard it you can read the features and its function in this post, you also can download titanium tweaker for free.

download titanium tweaker

Are you using this application that i mention such as: swapper applications, setCpu, NoFrills, Root Explorer? if you use that you can just use titanium tweaker application. and only need to use that one application only. you can delete the oher application because in this application contains the features from the apps that i have mentioned. so you can save your internal memory( if you want to manage memory, read tutorial create partition on sdcard). and of course you can use it to store games, music, videos that you love: D

The other features is :
*Changer Clock Freq
*Change Clock Governor
*Set Swappiness
*Change lcd_density
*Voltage(kernel specific)(coming)
*IO Schedulers
*Lots of kernel Toggles
*Customized menu for toggle functions
*Prop Editor [new]
*Overclock android phone

*Boost up cell speed
This application is very usefull to manage android phone

titanium tweaker feature
titanium tweaker

This application will work on any Android Phone but you must have ROOT ACCES!
The application works all the way from Froyo(2.2) to JellyBean(4.1).

download titanum tweaker from google play

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