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LG Optimus G E973 Full Hardware and Software Review

By davis becklin on Monday, January 14, 2013 0 comments

We will give Review all of the LG Optimus G full specification details, you can read our expereience about its hardware review and software detail.
All generations of Nexus one Smartphones have had many identical with minor differences in hardware components and design. This Optimus G generation does not make exceptions and LG Optimus G is the "brother" of Nexus 4, with the exact same hardware, different design and LG's customizations to Android. Which is why we refer to its review. Nonetheless, Optimus G is a smartphone with a distinct personality and an unparalleled class: elegant, fine, refined design and with a hardware Division that rivals.

LG Optimus G Video Review

LG Optimus G Hardware Review

The first thing you notice about LG Optimus G is its design. The lines are unequivocally LG and the design is a refinement of the Optimus 2012 series, with particular reference to Optimus 4 x HD. The lines are clean and basic, with the silver outer frame which acts as a complement and contrast of the display and black bands above and below it. The lines are continuous and uninterrupted and give an elegant look to your smartphone. The word that perhaps best describes him is classyEnglish, which can be translated with "class". Even more so than the Prada Phone, in fact, this smartphone makes the elegance the strong point. At first glance it is inevitable the bewilderment, as well as one can not burst forth in a "wow!".

The materials are very similar to the Nexus 4, with front and back covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 2 that gives a good scratch resistance. The back has the same effect as gatteggiamento already seen on Nexus 4: depending on the angle of the light and angle, in fact, shows a different design. Unlike the Nexus 4 though, where there are several well recognizable patterns that draw recognizable figures on Optimus G we find a series of tiny squares side by side that simply changing degree of rotation.

The LG symbol on the front and back are silver and seem to float just above the floor with the squares.

The physical keys are 3: the power button on the right side and the volume rocker on the left side. Just below the latter we find the removable tray for the micro-SIM. At the top of the smartphone we find the entrance to the 3.5 mm jack, while the bottom is the micro-USB port. The latter can also be used to display content on larger screens such as TV, thanks to the standard MHL.
lg optimus g hardware and display review

The hardware is second to none: under the screen with True HD IPS Panel + by 4.7 inches there is a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro operating at a clock frequency of 1.5 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM, a 320 Adreno GPU and 32 GB of internal memory is not expandable. We also find Bluetooth WiFi IEEE 802.11 4.0, b/g/n, GPS, proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, brightness. Contrary to what is seen on Nexus 4, however, Optimus G can count on a 4 g LTE module Qualcomm from 100Mbps operating on 800/1800/2600 MHz. The whole thing is powered by a large battery 2100mAh which fully satisfies all your smartphone's energy needs.
The smartphone's weight is 146 grams, but do not feel because of the relatively large size of the phone. In this connection it must be said that Optimus despite G large 4.7-inch screen is slightly bigger than a Galaxy S II.
lg optimus g back camera

LG Optimus G Screen Display

Optimus G screen adopts a type IPS panel called "True HD IPS +" from LG. This means that in comparison with the previous generation, represented by panels used in Optimus 4 x HD, there is an improvement in brightness and other features. The most important one is certainly deleting a layer between the glass and the screen itself. As well as in Nexus 4, in fact, the screen shows images "on the water" by removing a layer between the actual display and glass.
The display is of excellent quality and is among the brightest on the market, which means that it can be used in bright sunlight without visibility problems. The definition is extremely high due to resolution of 1280 × 768 which ensures 320ppi. The resolution is equal to that of another top-of-the-line terminal, Nokia Lumia 920, and it is abnormal when compared to other top of the line with resolution 1280 × 720. The form factor is 16:10 in the case of 1280 × 768 resolution, 16: 9 is for 1280 × 720 resolution. This means that the display is of few millimetres wider and offers a better viewing of web pages.

Camera Test And Review
The sensor has a high resolution but it has great picture noise. The white balance is anything but optimal, and even in good light conditions appear bright little shots or faded; It is not rare to run into problems of overexposure and total distortion of high-light areas.
The image noise is so loud that you can see with the naked eye and without a strong magnification distortion. The boundaries appear washed out and not accurate, details like hair is lost and the images appear almost blurry. It is impossible to do zooming as the distortion becomes untenable.
In contrast, however, the performance in low light conditions are above average and allow you to take pictures with minimum brightness.
below is the picture taken from lg optimus G Camera
camera test on optimus g

Optimus G Battery Durability
The battery provides good performance and is able to adequately support your smartphone during the whole day. We do not, for obvious reasons, had a chance to test performance under 4 g LTE network usage, but under 3 g network performance is excellent and can pass without problems the entire day.
The battery is not removable because of the presence of back cover glass, on the other hand is equipped with 800 cycles technology which allows 800 complete cycles of charges and discharges, in contrast to the batteries currently in use on the vast majority of devices that allows "only" 500 cycles. This means, in practical terms that, if uploaded daily, normal batteries lose effectiveness after approximately a year and a half, while the new LG's batteries will last more than two years.
With a good calibration and a judicious use of resources, moreover, it is not difficult to envisage a charge longer than a day and a half. High battery capacity and the presence of a CPU with very low power consumption thanks to the production process to allow 28nm to curb consumption.
lg optimus g battery review

  • Software

The main and biggest difference between Optimus G and Nexus 4 lies in software: the second is Google who deals directly with updates, while the first is LG.
The unity that we had lacked a testing final software and was, indeed, a development with Android version 4.0.4. The smartphone was a koreana with some parts of the system in the native language, which gives an idea of the State of things. However the stability was total and we have never experienced a problem: neither crash nor lag or slowdown. This portends well compared to the final version that will arrive in Italy.

  • Interface

The Android User interface on Optimus g is customised by LG and is the Optimus UI 3.0. The change allows you to implement a number of improvements to the stock Android interface, which shows (in my opinion) of deterioration than previously. For example, using the Optimus UI you can press your finger on the home screen to add widgets and links and change the background. The screen of the app drawer is customizable and you can change the background, as well as choose the order of the elements.
The first element of difference compared to Android stock is the unlock screen, showing a bubble that pops up just touch the screen and that widens as they increasingly turn away from finger contact.
As Samsung Smart Stay, LG has introduced the ability to keep the screen on when you're watching. We tested this feature, and although it is not a final version of the software, we found that actually works.
The notification drop down has the top button with which you can enable or disable WiFi connections, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and beyond; These buttons are changeable and reorderable as desired by the user. You can add and remove at will.
lg optimus g user interface
An interesting application that LG has integrated with the QuickMemo interface, already present on previous smartphone Optimus line 2012, can be activated by simultaneously pressing both volume buttons. QuickMemo is a convenient feature that allows you to take notes simply by writing on the screen with their fingers. Accuracy is good despite the natural uncertainty given by fingers, definitely not precise as a nib as the Galaxy Notes. The novelty is the presence of overlayfunction, which allows you to use your phone normally having just taken note superimposed. This feature is particularly useful when you, for example, must sign a phone number or an address (whether that web traffic).

  • Gaming

As is expected from a smartphone with a hardware of this caliber, the possibilities of the game are enormous. The presence of quad-core processor with the Adreno GPU brings 320 graphics performance to a new level and allows you to play all the latest titles without any effort. No doubt that getting the root permissions on the device and installing Chainfire 3D you can play games for NVIDIA Tegra 3 with an even higher framerate than that offered by the platform competitor home green.

  • Updates

Updates for this smartphone should not be a problem: because the hardware shared with Nexus, which will receive updates 4 much longer, LG should not find it difficult to release updates for this smartphone for a period as extended.
That lends itself to modding?
The same applies to the modding: ROM compatible with the Nexus 4 will be compatible even with the Optimus G, although there is the LTE module that could potentially give problems. In any case modding possibilities of this smartphone are almost endless.

Overall Review LG Optimus G

LG Optimus G is a top of the range in all directions: hardware, software, materials, attention to detail, design. LG has given the best of themselves and the results are amazing. The hardware commonality with Nexus 4, without prejudice to the LTE module activated, should make it much easier to update the company's Terminal koreana and, therefore, we may finally see the classic lack of new versions of Android on LG'S terminals.
Although released only in 2013 at a price that we imagine being among the 499 and 599 Euros, Optimus G appears already as telephone able to stay on top for a long time to come and how sitting in the Olympus of smartphones. At the moment the market is not a single smartphone can compete with Optimus G, excluding Nexus 4.
We strongly recommend this smartphone to anyone who has an eye for design, materials, construction and quality hardware in General.

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