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S Voice For Samsung Galaxy - S3 Siri Alternatives For Android

By davis becklin on Saturday, January 19, 2013 0 comments

Samsung has finally revealed all about his new flagship, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the most impressive features is the S Voice, the rival of Siri for iPhone, created specifically for Samsung Galaxy S 3. Speech commands are similar to the ones we've seen in stocks on other Android smartphone, but it is evident that the software has taken countless steps forward.

S Voice For Galaxy S3 is The Rival For Apple Siri

s voice for galaxy s3

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What is S Voice ?
Samsung has improved the experience to compete with Apple's Siri. For example, s voice allows you to unlock your phone with a verbal command, customizable, and then receive instructions in order to upload applications, change calendar appointments, do research or do other tasks just by talking on the phone.

"How is the weather today?", "take a picture" and "Cheese!" Are all supported commands. If you're listening to music, you can tell S Voice to jumping, go back, play and pause put a song and many other commands.

S voice Features On Samsung Galaxy S3

An important s voice feature that is the fact with the Samsung S Voice you can actually open and launch applications with your own voice, and not only to check the weather forecast and set an alarm. While driving you can launch Spotify music streaming, open Google Maps , and much more, all with S-Voice. This brings voice commands to a completely different level, considering that Samsung has imagined what users would actually do with S-Voice.

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