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Bluetooth A2DP problem on Android will solved in next update release

By davis becklin on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 0 comments

Google from android bug tracker confirm will solved the bluetooth a2dp audio streaming in next android update. It's official that we learn in a story very comforting that we hope will be accompanied by other information on the upcoming release of Android. In fact, Google has confirmed a few minutes in the next release of Android will be solved the bug audio streaming via Bluetooth A2DP, which makes it currently impossible more often than not hear the audio.
solve a2dp bluetooth problem on android

This problem has been posted in the section concerning the Nexus 7 but it's a General fix that will be applied on all Android devices can be updated to the newest version of the operating system. Unfortunately, however, it was not possible to find information about the next version of Android but, with a probability of 90%, we believe that will be the 4.2.2, which is a minor update that will correct presumably this and other minor bugs.

google confirm fix a2dp bluetooth problem
source : android bug tracker

Android 4.2, you know, was released with some bugs to fix such as in this case the bluetooth a2dp problem, and little by little it seems that Google is solving them, although to be honest we expected a more convinced reaction and quick by developers of Android.
Lastly, no information seems to be leaked, even regarding a possible release date of the update, but we hope to not have to wait long. The next version of Android now seems very close to release officially.

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