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Tubemate : Download Youtube Videos From Android Phone

By davis becklin on Friday, January 18, 2013 0 comments

There is some app that allows us to convert and download videos from Youtube in better format as mp4 and in the case of course music to mp3. Save your favorite Youtube videos on your Android smartphone has never been easier, much simpler than many procedures to do it on PC. Let's see how to do everything via TubeMate.
One of the most popular uses for android smartphone or devices is to take advantage of streaming videos, contect, films, television and music and one of the most common ways is through the FLV format. However, it is a disadvantage to save FLV content as it is much more problematic playback and quality suffers.

Download Youtube Videos With Tubemate

One of the reasons for the android smartphone holders pride's  against those who have an iPhone or iPad is that you can see and download youtube videos without having to jailbreak.

The whole thing is very simple thanks to a TubeMate most useful programs from across the media category of the Google mobile operating system.

It must be said that for unknown reasons, while the android market does not always display all programs, doing a search with the name of the program you might find the suggestion to name the application "tubemate" (which proves that is part of the market), but without that then manages to find the installation file don't worry because there is a very easy to install and maintain for future reinstallations.

First we go into the android settings to enable the installation of external programs to market (as shown in the following image), then from your browser go to the following address : download tubemate and download the program directly from the official site.

download youtube videos from android phone

You can download this directly from your phone or from your computer, in the latter case, you must then pass the apk file in the Terminal manually, via usb, wifi and microsd (depends on the characteristics of your Terminal). After installing you can enjoy and download youtube videos from android

Anyway, I recommend that you save the file for future use, because even if they are new versions (tube mate enjoys an excellent support from its authors who update often enough) the program will first check start looking for any available upgrades and offering direct updating. Now lets continue to the tubemate settings part

How To Download Youtube Videos From Android Phone

  1. Download tubemate, if this link doesn't work you can find the download link from the picture above
  2. Using the search function at the top right will write the name of the clip that interests us
  3. Select the video from Youtube
  4. In the window you will find the Save button
  5. Choose the type of format that you want
    download videos with tubemate
  6. Once chosen we can monitor progress in Menu-> Download

Finish, Now after read this i hope you can enjoy youtube videos anytime you want on your android phone by download it and save to your memory

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