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Samsung Introduces Youm Display and The Green LCD In CES 2013

By davis becklin on Thursday, January 17, 2013 0 comments

It's for a very long time that Samsung is make discussion about themselves not only as regards its Android Device but also as regards the flexibility of OLED display. Finally at CES 2013 Samsung officially presents the new generation of flexible display called Youm display and also a new display type called Green LCD.

What is Youm Display

The flexibility from Youm display are realized with OLED technology, so basically they're like AMOLED display collapsible.
Their use, although now may not be fully understood, is varied. In fact we think for example to devices like the Galaxy 2 Notes, is very large, buwith this new display type can get smaller because of the display can be folded on itself. This should reduce considerably the dimensions, all to the advantage of portability.
youm display galaxy s4

Below we have listed the images and the first video of the first Samsung smartphone with the new display Youm, whose use is not yet clear when there will be and at what price, although we can imagine that devices with this kind of display will be quite expensive.

oled display technology

whati is youm display

The Green LCDdisplay are not displays will find employment in smartphone field but in the tablet. It's power-saving screens that are able to consume 25% less than what we have today, all in favour of greater autonomy on your device.


In conclusion, although it is not certain, we can speculate that the Galaxy S4 will use Youm display and we dream it can be equipped with an Exynos 5 octa core like that presented a few hours ago.

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