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Samsung: Module For Wireless Charging Kit In Mass Production

By Unknown on Thursday, August 2, 2012 0 comments

samsung electro-mechanics have been begun the mass production of its wireless charging module for the smartphone device. samsung announce existing wireless charging modules integrated when using the smartphones are thicker however this answer from them makes the charging coil 40 p.c thinner that can possibly be hooked up onto the within on your battery cover.
wireless charging kit for galaxy s3

Wireless charging Kit module by induction for the Samsung Galaxy S3? Hang on, because that is like going anyway. Is the S3 has integrated the technology required at all? Not at all, which is why Samsung is now producing special modules to be installed in the battery cover of the device. Like the look, we can recognize the photo above - but whether this really specifically for the Galaxy S3 is intended is an open question.

Ultra flat they should be in any case, but charging by induction require a new battery cover, to fit and matchw with the wireless charging kit. And where is the module located? If we compare the mapped modules where we could see both the induction coil, even with the back open LTE S3:

If we turn the board with the opening up, but the camera would remain free, but would the rest of the board. However, cover the flash and the speakers other way around, so cut down is even more out of it a shoe: SIM slot would remain free and presumably the contact with the battery over the next two pins respectively in the image view will be produced above the battery - as I said, always assuming the pictured module is really intended for the S3.


Whether via board or by certain batteries, in addition, it must also have an appropriate station to charge passed by induction - as it is with the level of production, plus there is no information. Irritating, is why Samsung has taken so long for the production of Wireless Charging Kit and this absolutely cool feature is not the same integrated from the beginning into the devices. it is not a New technology is because : Wireless charging has been proven for years in the "Touchstone" for Palm and HP's WebOS devices, for iPhones by Duracell Powermat, and has even been used by a fan already retrofitted in a Galaxy . 

Wireless charging kit- would you use this on your galaxy s3 smartphone? write your opinion on comment area

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