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HTC ONE X Release Firmware Update 2.20.502.7

By Unknown on Friday, August 3, 2012 0 comments

Today HTC One X smartphone a current flagship in Taiwan release the latest Firmware update. This Firmware version is called 2.20.502.7 and it is currently being rolled out but only in the United States. A publication of the update for the HTC one X and in Germany will be ready soon. this update are available via OTA(read how to do ota update). Or you can download the file below to update it via update zip with CWM : download from the 4.0.4 AT&T

Until now, only one significant change that could be felt after getting the update, it is a change in the Recent Apps. You may be aware of the problems that plague the HTC One X and One S, where there are no hardware button for the menu, the OS will display the button soft key menu at the bottom of the screen in applications that have not been optimized for Holo theme.
In the latest update from HTC, it allows you to use the latest as a Recent App menu button. Now, you have three choices.

Three new choices on firmware 2.20.502.7 update

  1. Jump to more recently used apps
  2. Pressures on the menu, press and hold the recently used apps
  3. Pressures for the most recently used apps, press and hold for menu

Then the black menu bar should be gone and the menu button should be displayed directly in the apps.

htc one x firmware 2.20.502.7 update

Although HTC recently probably has financial problems in argentina, but more intensely this vendor cares about its customers and ensures them a very good support so far. Since the release of this smartphone HTC X One has already received some firmware updates, and not only to eliminate bugs, but also to improve performance. And this is already very good.

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